Thursday, April 4, 2013

Parsonage Kitchen {week three}

Week Three!
Alternate title: Are we done yet?

We started dragging a little bit during this week and there were a few issues/roadblocks. I started out the project on a "high" and then crashed during week three. To the extent that I had very vivid and terrifying nightmares that our kitchen would never be usable again. A little over-reacting, maybe, but the remodel definitely was to the overwhelming point! We just kept plugging away. Thank you, Bryce, for helping me stay calm.

We are definitely lacking in pictures for this week. The novelty was wearing off, I guess.

Week Three--what we did:
Finished the countertops (3-4 coats of ARDEX, 3 coats of concrete guard, 3 coats of concrete sealer)
Installed crown molding above the cabinets
Installed new track lighting
Prepped the walls for paint
Cleaned the house house cleaning isn't exactly part of the process, but it was very important for my sanity. Look at the dust (in the first picture)! Our entire downstairs was covered in this stuff. It took me almost the entire week to clean the house, spending about an hour on each room.

Look at the dust on the piano. Even the dining room walls were covered in that stuff.

Our little helper.  Justus wanted to help me paint.
Second coat of ARDEX completed.
The application did not turn out quite as expected, so time for Plan B.
(We just made this up as we went along.)
Here it is after the first coat of sealer--ARDEX Concrete Guard.
However, after talking to the ARDEX distributor, we realized that the concrete store sold us the wrong kind of sealer.
It was very rough-to-the-touch after drying and would not have worked as-is for a countertop.

Time for Plan C--we sealed the Concrete Guard with a clear, high gloss concrete sealer from Lowes.
That did the trick! This project took about a week and a half to complete: 9 coats + all of the drying time.

Cute picture time.

I took this when I was wiping the kitchen down--that darker area on the wall is just dust,
and the entire kitchen was coated in that stuff.
Note: We still think the ARDEX application--as we originally planned to do it--could work for a countertop. Please let us know if you are interested in attempting a similar project and we can definitely pass along what we learned! Click Here for the tutorial we attempted to follow.

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