Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Parsonage Kitchen {week two}

Week Two!
Alternate title: And the mess continues (i.e. concrete dust).

Week Two--what we did:
Finished drywall spots
Prepped wall where bulkhead was previously
Re-hung upper cabinets, 8 inches higher
Fixed electrical issues
Put in new-to-us microwave over the stove
Built countertops out of plywood
Started the ARDEX countertop application process

JD was blocked out of the kitchen for a few weeks and he did not like it.

Stove "before" picture. We spray painted the "bisque" top piece and the drawer on the bottom.

First upper cabinet hung! You can tell by the yellow paint line below it where it used to hang.
Also, on the lower left you can see the floor cut out and the duct work extension that Bryce added to bring the
vent to the front of the cabinet.

A friend helped Bryce fix some electrical issues that we were having, including new wiring that needed to be run for the microwave.
And Bryce moved a plug from the wall (that was getting covered up by cabinets) to the edge of the new cabinet (so smart!).

All of the upper cabinets are hung!
You can see my green samples over on the right.
Just some late night microwave cleaning.
A lot of our focused work was accomplished after 7pm when JD was in bed.
Oh yes--and the cleaning was my job, too.

This microwave is truly a godsend. A friend gave it to us after her friends redid their kitchen,
and it waited patiently in our basement for about 2 years.
What a thrill to finally be able to use it!

Cutting out the countertop.

And we're ready for the new countertops!
Please notice how the upper cabinets have now become tool storage.

Plywood countertops are installed--it's two thick pieces of plywood on top of each other.
My favorite picture from our entire project. This happened a lot: son watching father work.

Bryce is prepping for the ARDEX application. ARDEX is a concrete-type product that is usually used on
floors in industrial settings. I read about someone using it for countertops and we decided to give it a try.

Troweling it on. (Sorry about the blurry picture.)
Here it is pretty much dry, after just one application and before sanding.
More on this project during the post for Week Three.

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  1. Looking awesome! Love the picture of JD watching Bryce!

    1. I know! I was so happy to catch that shot. JD was so intrigued.

  2. I can't wait to see the final product!!!! You are making me crazy - teasing us. :)

    1. We have to build up to it. :-) ...give you guys a little taste of our l-o-n-g process.

  3. Wow!!! Lots of progress! I agree with Liz... I can't wait to see the end result! :)

    1. It's coming! The reveal will be up by Saturday....don't worry.