Friday, July 26, 2013

Announcing Baby #2

Yes, we are expecting Baby #2, due on December 17. This pregnancy has been so different than my first, so in an effort to record a little about it and not are some rambling thoughts.

8 week ultrasound photo
-- Praise the Lord, I haven't been as nauseous with #2 as I was with JD. No 24/7 nausea this time around. I do have waves of it here and there but it's manageable. There are some annoying/uncomfortable aspects, of course: lower back pain, difficulty sleeping, getting overheated more easily, terrible headaches around week 16, bad dreams at night, and great tiredness.

-- Hungry! Oh my goodness. I never remember being this hungry with JD. Everything looks and sounds's pretty dangerous to read a magazine or watch TV, because then I want to go bake something or send Bryce somewhere. I've tried to still be moderately good (and remind myself that being prego is not a license to eat anything and everything!) but I've definitely gained weight a lot faster this time around.

-- I started showing quite a bit sooner, which I've heard is to be expected. See the comparison below: I am 16 weeks pregnant in both pictures. Crazy, right? I've had to make changes in my wardrobe quite a bit sooner....for example, the jeans I'm wearing in the 16 week picture of Justus wouldn't fit me right now even if I didn't breathe. Yay for skirts and athletic shorts--that's what I'm living in this summer.
16 weeks pregnant, with JD (left) and Baby #2 (right)

-- There is great excitement: we are so happy about and ready for this baby. But it's also different because the "newness" aspect isn't there as it was the first time around. Life has continued as usual. Justus keeps me very busy. And, oh yeah, I'm pregnant. Sometimes I forget . . . until I look down.

-- Just this past weekend, week 18, I started feeling the baby move for-sure. (Little twinges for a week or two before that, but still a little iffy.) And a few days later, Bryce felt the baby move for the first time. I thought for sure it was too early, but he wanted to try and Baby kicked just right for him to feel it. When Bryce turned to me with a surprised look before I even reacted, I knew he had felt the kick, too.

-- At this point with JD, we already had decided our girl name and boy name. This time around: we've got nothin'. Bryce is basically refusing to seriously discuss anything until we find out the gender ("no reason to work on a girl/boy name if it isn't a girl/boy"). My brain is continually thinking of names, noticing names, mulling over names. I think it's driving me nuts that this child doesn't have a name yet, and especially since it was so easy for us the first time. So, the moral of the story is: don't ask us what the name is, because we have no idea. :-)

18 weeks pregnant


  1. SO excited about this!!! Has JD seemed to notice your tummy at all? It will be so much fun to see how he responds to having a baby brother/sister. Excited that you'll be able to find out the gender next week and finally start talking over names with Bryce! :)

    1. No, I don't think JD can comprehend a "baby in the belly" yet, but he does enjoy poking my belly button that sticks out. :) And he's intrigued by his baby cousins, so that's encouraging!

  2. congratulations!! i am the worst blogger of all time and just today am catching up on so much - but apparently just in time :) i am so happy for you. I love all the things i have read about your amazing Safe Families journey and life. congratulations again :)

    1. Thank you so much! Miss reading updates on your little family...but I totally understand how blogger can get on the "back burner." Hope you and yours are doing well!