Monday, July 29, 2013

Thirteen Children

Since our first Safe Families placement late last summer, we've had thirteen children (from Safe Families and also the foster system) pass through our home. Some lovable from the get-go. Some difficult and draining. All precious.

Miss G (1 week) - such a wonderful little girl. my first little girl. still miss her a little bit and would take her back in a heart beat. (oh Jesus, be with her, wherever she is.)

Mr. W (4 days) - such a sweet, smart and polite boy. with the most beautiful blue eyes and dark skin.

Miss RR (2 weeks) - what a little firecracker and fighter (in the good sense). the more we learned about her, the more we were amazed at her fighting spirit.

Miss C (1 week) - so. much. energy. the first little one to call me "mom."  a rough week but a blessing in the end.

Mr. M and Mr. M (both for 1 week, and the oldest for a second week) - crazy boys. crazy life they came from. lots of learning how to manage them and learning how to love them.

Miss A (a few weekend visits) - she loves the dog and loves "Mr. Bryce." sweet girl with a great foster mom. we love having her in our home.

Mr. N, Miss Y, and Miss A (11 days) - the oldest kids we've watched yet, and they were a blast. it was spring break so we went to the zoo and the children's museum and out for pizza. i cried pretty hard when they left, especially for Miss Y--that little girl grabbed my heart.

Miss L and Mr. N (8 weeks) - an adorable handful--don't let their blond hair and blue eyes fool you. probably the most challenging two months of my life. our prayers go with them to their next foster home.

(I can't post pictures of these children online, but if you ever visit our home just ask to see the photo album with all of their lovely names and faces.)

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