Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27 Favorites

Here's some random, current favorites on this 27th of September:

This song has been stuck in my head:

This book: Radical Hospitality.  It's challenging me to think outside of my default "everyone is a scary stranger" box and I also like that I need to read it in a critiquing-mode since her theology is a bit different than mine.

This lip stuff is changing my life. I have issues with dry lips and this stuff is doing wonders for me.

This cookie recipe is pretty much amazing. I've made them twice in the last three weeks, substituting white whole wheat flour (for regular flour) and raisins (for chocolate chips) in an effort to make them a little healthier. Yum!
This outing today was so much fun. Good friend, time to chat, hot drinks, well-done furniture re-dos (that gave me lots of inspiration), and Gigi's Cupcakes. Oh yes. It was a lovely fall morning.
And, last but not least, these two are definitely my favorites. Justus made us laugh so hard today. He had went #2 again (after just getting changed) and Bryce said something like: come here, so I can see. And JD said: "Ahhhh" and opened his mouth really wide. We often ask JD to show us when his mouth is empty before he gets another bite, and so he thought that's what Bryce was asking to see. Hilarious. So adorable. Both of them.


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  1. Simply a lovely post, Jana. To be fair, I shall list my current favorites in return:
    1. pumpkin spice lattes (oh how I love fall!)
    2. honeycrisp apples (went to a farm market with David's mom this past week and had a lovely time!)
    3. Anne of Green Gables (yes, I've decided to re-read the whole series and am in the exact middle of book #1)
    4. Lizzie, one of the students that always brightens my day at work
    5. watching the BBC movie, Emma, with my husband. I so appreciate that he is willing enough to watch it with me and cares enough about the plot line to actually ask questions!
    6. Green Mountain Coffee Vermont Country Blend
    Now that this comment is nearly long enough to be a post, I should probably sign off... :)