Wednesday, September 25, 2013

there's a first time for everything

Story #1
As told via a text to Bryce:

"You've never seen me fly out of bed so fast. I thought I felt something crawling on my leg. must just be my pjs. But I felt down there and something moved!!!! I flew out of bed and something flew after me. Parson found it after we looked for a while: a big bee! Was in our bed! I killed it. The end."


Story #2
Two days later . . .

Bryce was not at home. I was sitting in the living room watching Hulu. Parson was at my feet. And I realized that a black car was parked in front of our house, with a man inside. The car sat there for a while and then pulled into our driveway and sat there for a while and then pulled back in front of the house and then pulled to the side of the house and sat there for a while. All of this over the course of about 10 minutes. I started watching him from the windows and took a few pictures to send to Bryce, although I couldn't quite get the license plate. The black car dude was starting to make me nervous.

Bryce called me after he got my text and told me to call 911. So I made my first ever call to 911 (glad to have that out of the way!) to tell them there was a suspicious looking car outside my house. She said they would send someone over. By then the car drove to the back of our neighborhood. And I talked to Bryce again and he said that he actually thought the car was a cop car (a black Charger....huh?).

About two minutes later a police officer called and said he was sending someone over and to go outside to meet him. The same stalking black car drove back around, parked in front of our house and put his lights on! What in the world!? I was thoroughly confused but went outside to meet him.

To make a long story short. It was our neighbor, who is a cop. Parson had gotten loose about an hour earlier (unbeknownst to me a fence board was pushed down) and neighbor-cop-dude was not happy about it and was "stalking" our house to see if someone was home. Why did he not just come to the door and tell us? (I asked him that, point blank, to which he did not have a good answer. And I also told him that he was making me nervous parked outside my house like that--good heavens! I was very proud of myself for speaking my mind in-the-moment.)

Bryce says he's dramatic (we've seen a few other instances of this). And our other guess: he's scared of dogs. That's really what it seemed like. He told me about a million times: "I almost shot your dog." Sir, we've lived here for 3 years and our dog has never gotten loose and I'm pretty confident that he wasn't threatening to attack you; yes, he may have been "foaming" but that's only from excitement from his joy run and he came back in the fence and in the house on his own accord and had been with me in the house for 20-30 minutes. Rant over.

Needless to say, I was pretty shaken up the rest of the evening. Crazy neighbor. How funny: my first 911 call experience was calling the cops on a cop!


Personal fear #1: creepy crawling things in my bed. Gross. (Yes, I've thoroughly searched under the covers every night since.)

Personal fear #2: creepy people outside the house when Bryce is gone.

Personal fear #3: needing to call 911.

I think I've conquered enough fears for one week.

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  1. Oh Jana!!! Two horrifying experiences in one week! Very impressed that you spoke your mind so well to that police officer. Sounds like he deserved it. Quite ironic... calling the cops on the cops. Who would have ever suspected?! Glad it was nothing worse than that!