Monday, October 7, 2013

baby #2 :: only 10 more weeks

Ready for some thoughts at 30 weeks?
25 weeks with JD; 24 weeks with baby #2

* I'm getting used to fielding "you're huge!" and "you're not going to last until December!" and "are you sure it's not twins?" comments. I know I'm big but I don't think I'm that big.

* This little man is a mover! His head is down and his feet are constantly kicking my ribs. Constant movement. Constant reminder that there's a little boy in there, growing.

* I've been trying to do better with my eating and exercising. JD, Parson and I walk 3-4 days a week for 2-3 miles. Hoping I can keep that up for a month or two yet!

* Justus tried to sit on my lap the other day when I was reading to him. He leaned back and complained a little bit because my belly was in the way. He only lasted a minute or two on there and then got down to sit on the floor. Sorry bud!

* Just like with JD, I've been having some trouble with my heart racing. A few weeks ago, it was up and down for 3 days and I went to the doctor and they pretty much just told me: you're pregnant. Guess that's how my body responds to the extra blood volume, extra weight on my frame, etc.

* The baby is about 3 pounds and 15.5 inches long at this point. At my 28 week appointment, he was measuring at 30 weeks.

30 weeks with JD (left) and second baby

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  1. 10 weeks! Wow... gonna be here before you know it! Thanks for the pics and post! :)