Sunday, November 24, 2013

baby #2 :: only 3 more weeks (give or take)

Update from 36.5 weeks.

* 36 week appointment update: measuring at 39 weeks, 0 cm dilated, 50% effaced. Doctor guessed the baby is over 6 pounds already. Appointments are every week now.

* I was pretty disappointed there was no dilation progress. Contractions have been pretty constant, and many pretty intense, over the last month or two, and I was hoping for them to be accomplishing something.

* My lap has pretty much disappeared. Poor Justus. But I do have a nice "shelf" to set him on when I'm carrying him. And since the baby is measuring so big, my wardrobe options are disappearing too. There are only a few shirts left that fit over this big belly.

34.5 weeks

* Freezer full of meals, stocking-up shopping done (toiletries, dog food, paper products, etc.), "My Utmost for His Highest" complete, Bryce's snack bag packed, JD's bag packed, and Christmas gifts done for the most part. Yet to do: host family for Thanksgiving, pack my hospital bag, pull out infant clothes & wash, set up cradle, install car seat, wrap up my part-time job.... There's still a few things to keep me/us busy.

* I'm "feeling" this pregnancy a lot more than I remember with Justus. So many more aches and pains. Difficulty walking and sleeping because of hip pain. Just generally uncomfortable. Short of breath & racing heart. Cramping and sharp pains in my lower back. Lots of rests required throughout the day.

36.5 weeks
* I do believe we have finally settled on a name, after much searching and discussing. That's a relief. I think I had a dream at one point that the little man arrived and we had no name to give him....well, maybe it was a nightmare.

* Trying not to be too hopeful that the little man will arrive early. I'm fearful if he goes full-term he will be too big for me to have naturally but just trusting God's timing and plan . . . and praying for a healthy arrival, no matter what it looks like.

Can you tell I'm ready for the new baby to arrive?! For the most part, I feel like it can't come soon enough.

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