Tuesday, January 14, 2014

JD...23 and 1/2 months

Thoughts and memories of JD at 23 and 1/2 months of age.

* Talking, talking, talking. He's talking up a storm these days. I love how he says: "please more drink." Whale and Rail sound the same...and I love how he says "Whale" with two "w"s. We can understand most of what he says, but sometimes he'll just rattle away and we have no idea what he's chattering about.

Brushing his teeth

Christmas gift: tools! (the drill is his favorite)

* He pretty much has free reign in the house, so sometimes I'll be busy with something on the other side of the house and I hear him yelling, "Mama?" And he just wants to know where I am. Makes me so happy to hear that little voice calling for me.

* Periodically throughout the day JD will climb up on the piano bench and play the piano for a little bit. The other day, Bryce and I realized that JD went down to the basement by himself and started playing on the drums. And lately we've been listening to a lot of "Wee Sing Bible Songs"....which has instigated some good dancing. Oh yes, this little boy like music.

* Most days when "Daddy" is home Justus spends tagging along with Bryce. Working in the basement or playing music or throwing balls down the stairs or reading books--they're doing it together. I love to hear his little voice say, "up please, Daddy" (when Bryce is sitting on the couch and JD wants him to come play chase) or "bless you, Daddy" after Bryce sneezes. (He also says, "bless you, doggie" after the dog sneezes.)
Watching "Elf" together on Christmas Day, with snacks of course
(the first time he's ever sat down to watch a movie)

* Justus loves to "help." He always pushes the "Start" button on the dryer when I'm doing laundry. When I'm cleaning up a mess, he runs to the kitchen and brings the dishtowel to me. He does great at picking up his toys. Such a good helper.

* Lately, Justus likes to make messes. Not the dirty kind of mess (he doesn't like those) but the crazy-toys-all-over-the-place kind. Yesterday afternoon, he had spread the following all over the living room/library/kitchen floors: legos, puzzle pieces, measuring cups & spoons, books, the contents of my entire serving spoons drawer, and a basket of little toys. He was having a blast! (His mother was in the middle of cooking and was just thankful that he was entertaining himself.)

(I did not pose this shot....JD laid there all by himself)

Listening to music with Grandpa

* JD does like being home but there are some days when my little man just needs to get out of the house: "outside?" "bye bye?" Bryce will take him to run errands or to go get the mail or even just to drive up to Bryce's parents for fun....just to get him out and about.

Playing with cousins at the Langebartels Christmas: Bram, Eli and Lucy

JD loves giving hugs to his cousins--here he's hugging Everett

* Instead of saying "snow" he says "snowman"....because the first time he played in the snow with Bryce they made a snowman (which was pretty impressive, I must say).

* I've been hearing a lot of "possessive phrases" lately: "JD's friend," "mama's drink," "daddy's glasses," etc. It is just amazing to see his little mind work and figure things out. And it's also amazing what he remembers. I haven't worked out in quite a few months, but I did this past week. JD ran into the room when I was putting on my tennis shoes, watched me for a few seconds, and then ran to get my weights out of the cabinet. That just amazed me--he remembered from all those months ago that when I have a DVD playing on my laptop on the coffee table and my tennis shoes on that means the weights come out. Crazy. (And then he proceeded to be upset because he couldn't get the 5 lb weights out of the drawer!)

What a fun stage we are in with our first little man!


  1. Can hardly believe how much he is growing!!! I am so thankful that you do these posts, Jana. :)