Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Silas.....6 weeks

My little Silas man is 6 weeks old already. I want to slow down and hold onto each infant moment, and soak it in. He's just entirely too precious.

* Bryce calls him "Buster Blue"....since JD is "Buster Brown." No nickname from me yet--he's still just Silas.

* He loves to flail his arms. And is also working on holding his neck up. More and more he's starting to follow our faces and look more directly into our eyes. Most of the time our little man is pretty mellow and chill.

* Silas' eyes are still blue, and such a pretty blue. I know the odds of his eyes staying that way are slim but I sure love them.

* JD loves it when Silas has "floor time." Lately he's even been asking me to lay Silas on the floor so he can lay by him. It's pretty adorable. JD is so loving with his brother.

* Just like JD, Silas is slowly losing his newborn hair. It's almost all gone from the top of his head, but there is still some around the sides, so I affectionately call him Friar Tuck (a la Robin Hood...probably no one else will get that reference except my siblings).

* I started getting Silas on a schedule at 5 weeks, after the holidays and all of the visitors. He's slipped into a rhythm so wonderfully. He naps without fussing during the day, for the most part--awake for one hours, sleeping for two, and the repeat. Three nights ago was his best night yet: ate at 9pm and then didn't wake up until 4am and then 7:30am. And the last two nights he slept for 6 hours straight. I don't think my body knows what to do with all of this extra sleep.

* Just 6 weeks old and he wore a 3 month outfit on Sunday. Our little man is growing up. At the doctor appointment today, he weighed 11 pounds--that's in the 51st percentile, and for length he's in the 63rd percentile. Not as long as JD was, and therefore quite a bit chubbier at this stage.

And here are pictures from the first 6 weeks (not in any particular order).

First bath in the tub

Hanging with Uncle Jason

Sleeping on Uncle Jordan

Snuggling with Great Grandma "Gram Gram"

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  1. Love, love, LOVE how you cherish the moments with your boys, JA. Been thinking about you and what a great job you're doing as a momma. Keep up the great work! :)