Thursday, May 22, 2014

Justus @ 2 years, 4 months

"Justus Daniel"
"Buster Brown"

Our sweet little man will answer to any of the above. Stats: Size 5 diapers. Wearing size 2T (but 2T pants are getting a little short). Still napping once a day in the early afternoon. Bedtime between 7-8 p.m. and sleeps until 7-8 a.m. Shoe size: 7. Numbers and colors are starting to click, slowly but surely.

The most traumatic occurrence to-date in his short life happened over the weekend: the tag on his Little Friend fell off. We had one rough nap time and one very rough bedtime (cried for 2 hours). "Daddy, fix it?" "Friend broken." We heard those over and over. But he's been doing better ever since and we think it may help to slowly break him of the Friend-addiction.

JD is talking, talking, talking. About anything and everything. And if he doesn't know what to say, he'll just repeat whatever you're saying. Some favorites:
"wucky" = yucky
says "bless you" whenever anyone sneezes
says "It's okay" with an accompanying head nod, whenever he's worried about something not being okay
"short pants" = shorts
"jammas" = pjs
"Mama help you" = Mama help me

And I must say these phrases a lot because he's saying them all the time now: "tomorrow" "maybe later" "not right now" "maybe tomorrow" "we'll have to see".....etc.

Loves to:
Wear hats
Run and play outside
Put his hands in his pockets
Stick his tongue out when he's concentrating

Both of my boys have little dimples: JD's is on the left cheek and Silas' is on the right.

Currently in his bed: teddy bear (from Gram-Gram), monkey (from Aunt Lori), Little Friend, train blanket (from Great Gram) and guitar blanket (from Aunt Mary). I'm trying to slowly make the blankets disappear because he gets so hot when it's warm out.

A few weeks ago we had a thunder storm, and it was the first one when JD wasn't sleeping and old enough to comprehend what was going on. He was amazed by the thunder. When I told him what it was called, I could see his brain-wheels start turning, and then he started looking at this thumb, and then, holding his thumb in front of his face, said very seriously, "Thumbder." I tried so hard not to laugh! Love it! We heard thunder quite a few times that day and he called it "thumbder" every time, while holding out his thumb. Such cuteness. I love watching his brain make connections, even if they are funny ones.

A few weeks ago, Justus suddenly showed up in the living room after a nap time, and I knew that our days of staying-put-in-bed were over. For a few weeks, he climbed out of bed in the morning (when he got frustrated that I was taking too long to come get him) and at the end of naps. And then, just as suddenly, he was afraid again and now won't climb out. Fine with us! There's no rush to move him out of the crib, that's for sure.

Eating = "lunch," so in the mornings JD will ask for lunch, and get frustrated when I say "No, it's breakfast time" until he realizes that "breakfast" means food, too. And then he usually asks for oatmeal.

When I'm getting ready for the day, sometimes I'll let Justus watch YouTube videos on my phone and this is what is currently on the "JD" playlist, which he fondly refers to as "Watch camels?"
Funny CamelsFunny GoatsHippo and DogJamie Grace - Beautiful Day, and Classic Grover - Echo Song

Bryce taught Justus how to say his last name and it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. He does a pretty good job, too.

Such busy, full days. Such a busy little boy, and a sweet boy. Such fun we're having!

Just out for an evening stroll.

Helping to feed cousin Everett his lunch.

Just hanging out....watching out the window.

The tongue is sticking out.

I was reading on the deck, and JD went inside to get a pen and joined me.

At Eagle Creek Park.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Silas::five and a half months

Our sweet Silas. Or Si-Man. Or Buster-Blue.
He is a snuggly, chubby, giggly little boy. Always laughing or smiling.....I think he has a perpetual little grin on his face. His day usually begins around 7 a.m., includes 4 naps, 5 bottle feedings, 2 feedings with cereal, sweet potato, and/or butternut squash, floor play time, and some practicing-sitting-time on mama's lap.

Stats: CHUNKY, size 3 diapers, almost out of 6-month clothes, schedule: awake 1.5 hrs/sleep 2 hrs, very light brown hair, blue-gray eyes with brown flecks.

There was a small scare at Silas' 4 month doctor check-up: he dropped from the 50th percentile (which was the trajectory he had been following) to the 20th percentile. The doctor was worried and suggested we go back to 6 feedings a day and add some cereal + formula. This concerned mama started monitoring and feeding and more monitoring, and realized that he probably was not getting enough breast milk. Around the same time, Silas decided that nursing was too frustrating, probably due to the lack of supply. We started supplementing with bottles and added another cereal feeding to the day. At his two week weight check, Silas went from 14 lbs, 6 oz to 15 lbs, 13 oz. Yay!

At this point, we are at a pretty happy place with feedings. Silas eats cereal + veggies twice a day. We're back to 5 bottles a day, every 3.5 hours. I pump right before waking him up and then add formula to make an 8oz bottle, and he drinks 6-8oz per feeding. He probably gets about 1/3 of his milk from me, which I figure is better than nothing.

Silas is a loud one. He likes to screech and jabber and squeal.
Grabs things all the time, and pulls them to his mouth.
April 14: finally raised his head while he was on his belly.
Finally started rolling over on his own last weekend.
Thumb-sucker! Or his hand. Or whatever he can pull to his mouth.
No more wrap while sleeping.
Loves bath time and doesn't even mind water on his face when JD pours it before I can stop him.
Loves watching his brother....Silas hasn't even noticed the dog yet, just has his eyes constantly glued to JD.

I tried to contain the number of pictures but there is just too much cuteness!

This is when he was just starting to roll over.

Finally started holding his head up when he was on his belly

"But now I'm tired, Mama."

I usually find them like this: JD hanging out by Silas, and Silas watching JD.

First time laying outside....and he loved it!

Justus tickling his brother.