Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Silas::five and a half months

Our sweet Silas. Or Si-Man. Or Buster-Blue.
He is a snuggly, chubby, giggly little boy. Always laughing or smiling.....I think he has a perpetual little grin on his face. His day usually begins around 7 a.m., includes 4 naps, 5 bottle feedings, 2 feedings with cereal, sweet potato, and/or butternut squash, floor play time, and some practicing-sitting-time on mama's lap.

Stats: CHUNKY, size 3 diapers, almost out of 6-month clothes, schedule: awake 1.5 hrs/sleep 2 hrs, very light brown hair, blue-gray eyes with brown flecks.

There was a small scare at Silas' 4 month doctor check-up: he dropped from the 50th percentile (which was the trajectory he had been following) to the 20th percentile. The doctor was worried and suggested we go back to 6 feedings a day and add some cereal + formula. This concerned mama started monitoring and feeding and more monitoring, and realized that he probably was not getting enough breast milk. Around the same time, Silas decided that nursing was too frustrating, probably due to the lack of supply. We started supplementing with bottles and added another cereal feeding to the day. At his two week weight check, Silas went from 14 lbs, 6 oz to 15 lbs, 13 oz. Yay!

At this point, we are at a pretty happy place with feedings. Silas eats cereal + veggies twice a day. We're back to 5 bottles a day, every 3.5 hours. I pump right before waking him up and then add formula to make an 8oz bottle, and he drinks 6-8oz per feeding. He probably gets about 1/3 of his milk from me, which I figure is better than nothing.

Silas is a loud one. He likes to screech and jabber and squeal.
Grabs things all the time, and pulls them to his mouth.
April 14: finally raised his head while he was on his belly.
Finally started rolling over on his own last weekend.
Thumb-sucker! Or his hand. Or whatever he can pull to his mouth.
No more wrap while sleeping.
Loves bath time and doesn't even mind water on his face when JD pours it before I can stop him.
Loves watching his brother....Silas hasn't even noticed the dog yet, just has his eyes constantly glued to JD.

I tried to contain the number of pictures but there is just too much cuteness!

This is when he was just starting to roll over.

Finally started holding his head up when he was on his belly

"But now I'm tired, Mama."

I usually find them like this: JD hanging out by Silas, and Silas watching JD.

First time laying outside....and he loved it!

Justus tickling his brother.


  1. Jana he is SO adorable! I can see similarities to Justus, but he definitely has his own look. Thanks for posting :)

    1. Thanks Tallie! I think he's a cutie, too. :-) Does this make you excited?! :-) You'll have one of your own soon!