Monday, August 25, 2014

our almost 9-month-old Si-Man

Oh, dear Silas. He is my favorite littlest boy ever. So squishy and smiley and sweet. Bryce decided the other night that he's just like a teddy bear.

Some recent favorites:
* When Silas crosses his feet at the ankles. Well, I guess they're more like "cankles."
* His low, little giggle. He loves to laugh!
* For about a week in July, Silas did the funniest little smile. It was like a half-smile, an "I don't know if I want to smile" smile. It was hilarious, but didn't last long. Now he's back to his huge grin.
* He used to rock back-and-forth before he could even hold himself sitting up, and now he rocks when he's sitting with a toy in the middle of the floor. Man, can he move!
* How much he loves bath time and the pool. He'll splash and giggle and reach for toys and giggle some more.
* When he says "da-da-da-da-da." And sometimes he'll even repeat it back and forth with you.
* When he's sitting on your lap, and then gets excited for some reason and leans in for a big hug, and sometimes a sloppy wet kiss. I know he's not exactly meaning to hug or kiss, but it's the best thing ever.
* When he's on his stomach and starts flailing all of his limbs like crazy--he's like a little seal or a fish.

New schedule: awake around 7am, nap at 9am for about 2 hours, nap again at 1pm for about 2-3 hours, and then bed around 7pm. Periodically JD and Silas will sleep in the same room together and they do pretty well. Eventually they will share a room, so we figure it's good practice.

Foods he eats (all pureed): spinach, tomatoes, sweet potato, squash, peas, green beans, carrots, banana, applesauce, and peaches. (This immersion blender has changed my life. Making purees from scratch is a breeze now!) And lately he's doing much better drinking a bottle, three a day.

Mobility update: In late July (7 months-ish), Silas started rolling to wherever he wanted to go and then in early August he started army crawling. And now he army crawls ev-er-y-where, fast. In no time at all he moves from the library to the entryway, grabbing at toys or the dog or a cord or the random piece of lint on the way.

There's a tooth coming in: bottom, middle, right. A little bit of drooling. Lots of nose running. It'll be here soon.

Lots of pictures to post! And not surprising that most of them show a very happy Silas. What can I say--he's just a happy, smiley boy.

Silas with Great Grandma Pierce.

It's impossible to get a non-blurry picture with two wiggly boys.

Cousin Malachi making Silas laugh.

Bath time!

No, I did not ask Justus to pose for all of these shots with Silas.
It's his idea....because he wants to see himself in the picture on
the phone afterwards.

 I spy some curly hair.

At the state fair.

Lunch on the deck.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Justus @ 2 years, 7 months

We have this conversation a lot:
Jana to Justus: "Guess what!?"
Justus: "Daddy's home."
Jana: "Oh, no, sorry bud. I just wanted to say, I love you!"

- When he smiled really big: "My cheeks are smiling."
- Pastor Dan, our neighbor across the street, was walking to church on a Sunday morning and JD says to a barking Parson: "Doggie! It's the neighbor! It's the neighbor, doggie!"
- I told JD that Bryce was on his way home from work and I heard him a little later chanting to the dog: "Doggie, he's on the way! Doggie, he's on the way! He's on the way!"
- Bryce was hugging me in the kitchen. JD was making a face at us. Bryce, being silly, said, "Hugs are yummy." Without missing a beat, JD said, "Hugs are not yummy. Oatmeal is yummy."

JD and Parson are best friends (and also worst enemies). Usually once a day Justus will clean the gunk out of the dog's eyes. He calls it "tears" and gets a tissue and cleans him up. Also, he will fix the dog's feet when the dog is sitting with his paws bent. (JD does this because I tell JD often to "fix his feet" or to "sit right" since he sits with his feet splayed out--and therefore the doggie must sit right too.)

From earlier in the summer: when we had hot days in June, I would fill up the small water table and JD played in it for an hour or two in the afternoon. On one particularly hot day, I was inside for a bit and came back outside to a little boy sitting in the water with a huge grin on his face. Even with freezing cold water. He loved it!

This little dude will eat anything....and I mean anything. The other night he had exactly what we were having for dinner: lettuce with teriyaki chicken and a bunch of veggies: cucumber, carrots, mushrooms and green pepper. But oatmeal is his favorite (as noted above). And grapes and blueberries and pineapple and yogurt and cottage cheese....he likes food. Yet he's not a very fast or focused eater. Sometimes it takes me an hour just to get lunch in him.

* JD loves slides.
* In early July, he decided to start getting up around 6-6:30am instead of his usual 7-8am. Boo. This mama was not very happy with that at first but we are getting into a new routine now.
* Twice now Justus has locked me out of the house: he locks the door handle lock on the breezeway door when we step out to take the trash to the garage. The first time Silas was upstairs napping! Good thing our bedroom window was unlocked: I bent in the screen and was able to climb in--crisis averted.
* Bryce taught Justus to say "ahhhhh!" and "eeeeee!" when we brush his teeth. Makes it so much easier.
* Lately JD has started pretending and I just love it! Last week he played with a teddy bear all afternoon: tucking it in for a nap, sending it down the slide, swinging it, carrying it around tucked under his arm. So sweet!
* He has a love/hate relationship with bugs. Loves to find them but then proceeds to yell: "it's going to get me!"
* Justus has spent most of the summer in a mohawk-of-sorts--not super noticeable but fun nonetheless. Thank you to Bryce for the fun hair.
* Also from earlier this year: he wore socks up until July, refused to go to sleep without socks on, even when it was super hot in his room. Silly boy.
* Lately he's started having cute little conversations with the dog: "Doggie, you want to go outside? Yeah? Okay."

Some of the pictures below are from our week-long visit to Fort Wayne in July--spent with my sister Jessica and her family. 1 week with 4 adults (and 3 more in-and-out) and 5 kids under age four. Oh yes. It was crazy but fun times with family!

It's been a fun summer with our little man. His little grin gets to me every time.

Fun afternoon with all of the Langebartels cousins.

Visit with Granma Eberly.

Sitting in the water table with a big grin (and fully clothed).

Hogging the camera.

Oh that grin.

At the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo with Uncle Jordan.

Riding with cousin Malachi at the zoo.

Four Eberly cousins (just missing Silas) at the splash pad.

Playing in the pool with Uncle Grant.

Fast asleep after a family reunion in Cincinnati--
no nap and 3 hours of swimming wore him out!

Kayaking with Dad for the first time.

My boys.