Monday, August 25, 2014

our almost 9-month-old Si-Man

Oh, dear Silas. He is my favorite littlest boy ever. So squishy and smiley and sweet. Bryce decided the other night that he's just like a teddy bear.

Some recent favorites:
* When Silas crosses his feet at the ankles. Well, I guess they're more like "cankles."
* His low, little giggle. He loves to laugh!
* For about a week in July, Silas did the funniest little smile. It was like a half-smile, an "I don't know if I want to smile" smile. It was hilarious, but didn't last long. Now he's back to his huge grin.
* He used to rock back-and-forth before he could even hold himself sitting up, and now he rocks when he's sitting with a toy in the middle of the floor. Man, can he move!
* How much he loves bath time and the pool. He'll splash and giggle and reach for toys and giggle some more.
* When he says "da-da-da-da-da." And sometimes he'll even repeat it back and forth with you.
* When he's sitting on your lap, and then gets excited for some reason and leans in for a big hug, and sometimes a sloppy wet kiss. I know he's not exactly meaning to hug or kiss, but it's the best thing ever.
* When he's on his stomach and starts flailing all of his limbs like crazy--he's like a little seal or a fish.

New schedule: awake around 7am, nap at 9am for about 2 hours, nap again at 1pm for about 2-3 hours, and then bed around 7pm. Periodically JD and Silas will sleep in the same room together and they do pretty well. Eventually they will share a room, so we figure it's good practice.

Foods he eats (all pureed): spinach, tomatoes, sweet potato, squash, peas, green beans, carrots, banana, applesauce, and peaches. (This immersion blender has changed my life. Making purees from scratch is a breeze now!) And lately he's doing much better drinking a bottle, three a day.

Mobility update: In late July (7 months-ish), Silas started rolling to wherever he wanted to go and then in early August he started army crawling. And now he army crawls ev-er-y-where, fast. In no time at all he moves from the library to the entryway, grabbing at toys or the dog or a cord or the random piece of lint on the way.

There's a tooth coming in: bottom, middle, right. A little bit of drooling. Lots of nose running. It'll be here soon.

Lots of pictures to post! And not surprising that most of them show a very happy Silas. What can I say--he's just a happy, smiley boy.

Silas with Great Grandma Pierce.

It's impossible to get a non-blurry picture with two wiggly boys.

Cousin Malachi making Silas laugh.

Bath time!

No, I did not ask Justus to pose for all of these shots with Silas.
It's his idea....because he wants to see himself in the picture on
the phone afterwards.

 I spy some curly hair.

At the state fair.

Lunch on the deck.

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