Thursday, December 11, 2014

JD update....Dec. '14 rendition

Oh Justus Daniel. Who knew that almost-3 is such a fun age!?

Various thoughts from the last couple of months:

// Such a good eater (will eat anything, literally) but could care less about actually doing the eating. One day he sat there for 2 hours at dinner time, just because he didn't really care to eat. We're working on it with him. Tonight we had a spicy dinner (Koren Beef Bowl--yum!) and he kept saying: "I'm spicy!"

// Sleeps in a daybed now. We switched him over mid-summer, once acrobatics to get out of the crib began.

// He loves to sing. Started dancing more now. Loves to play Bryce's ukulele, with a pick of course. Will hear a song once on the radio in the car and then later in the day I'll hear him singing it. At Bible Study Fellowship the other day, his leader told me that he sings all of the words to all of the songs.

// Loves to wear his shoes. Since we don't wear shoes in the house, it's all I can do to keep them off of him during the day.

// Such a little chatterbox. We have a little conversation going all day long. Constantly learning and saying new things. Although sometimes the verb tenses still aren't quite right. Love it when he yells across the house: "Where is you, Mom?"

// A few months ago, he started calling me "Mom," although Bryce and I always refer to me as "Mama." It's just so cute that he started doing it on his own.

// Spoon = poon. Handle = sandle. Dental floss = cwaf. Periodically throughout the day: "Oh man."

// JD is so good about helping to clean up. After every meal, he takes his plate to the sink. He helps me transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. He helps put items back in the pantry. He gets diapers and wipes when I need them. Etc.

// About 1 out of 3 poops are in the toilet now. Definitely not potty-trained yet, but we're moving there slowly.

// A couple of weeks ago, we had our first snow and Bryce played outside with JD for a little while. Thanks to hand-me-down's, we have a complete snow outfit for him, and it was so cute to see him waddling around and touching the snow with his little gloves. He loved it!

// He's also loving everything Christmas this year. The concept is still a little fuzzy (Christmas usually means the tree to him right now) but we keep trying to explain at Christmas we celebrate Jesus' birthday. Back in November, JD and I were in Wal-mart and he saw the Christmas display from far away and got so excited. We walked by all of the trees and he looked at me with the biggest smile on his face and eyes all lit up. On our Christmas decorating day, Silas' birthday, we let him stay up all afternoon so he could help me, and he was so intrigued with all of the ornaments, the lights, and especially the beads-on-a-string.

// Justus is doing so well getting dressed and undressed these days. And also starting to have an opinion about what he wants to wear. He would prefer to wear short sleeves (the blue one with the football on it) and "short pants" every day, if he could, but if I won't let him because it's too cold, then he'll settle for a striped shirt and blue pants.

Oh Justus! Love the little conversations. Love your sense of humor. Love the way you love your Daddy. Love your hugs and noisy kisses and the random "I love you, Mom." Love you!

He was supposed to be sleeping, but got to enjoy some late night Sunday football and popcorn.

"I'm cheesin' " (no idea where he learned that from)

Playing together at Granma's house.

His "friend" was on the mantel, and so he attempted to get it down with the dust mop.

Hanging out with friends.

His brushing teeth spot, and watching Mama clean or get ready for the day spot.

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