Monday, December 8, 2014

Silas is One!

“Such a sweet boy!”
We hear that about Silas all the time, and he truly is! All smiles all the time. Personality just blossoming. Big and expressive blue/gray/green eyes. Lots of snuggles. Just a generally happy baby.

So many new skills in the last couple of months:

* Eating finger foods, no more purees. This is my least favorite baby food stage, but we’re surviving. I haven’t convinced (coerced) him to eat a single veggie yet (except stealthily) and he pretty much survives on peanut-butter & jelly sandwiches, yogurt, cottage cheese, avocado, eggs, fruits and sweet potato. I repeat to myself often: This is only a phase!

* Climbing the stairs. And he’s fast! Not too good on the going down part, so we really have to watch him. He’s great on the couch or the step going down into the dining room though: turns around on his belly and scoots backward down the step or off the couch.

* Crawling—no more army crawl! He’s pretty fast with the regular crawl now, especially when he’s heading toward the stairs or the dishwasher or the laundry room. That little diaper wagging in the back always makes me laugh. And no walking yet, but he likes to “cruise” on the couch and around the ottoman. And he’ll stand up holding on to my leg when he wants to be picked up.

* Sleeping in the same room with JD, which they’ve been doing since August. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s rough. But it’s nice to have the guest room always available. Silas still takes two naps a day, usually a long morning nap and then a little shorter mid-afternoon nap with JD.

* New teeth! Okay, so this really isn’t a “skill” but there are 4 new teeth in his mouth, top middle two and bottom middle two. Not much teething these days but I expect some more pretty soon!

Silas is just so much fun. He’s very vocal (but not verbal), likes to hear his own voice. The main sounds we hear are da-da-da, yeah-yeah-yeah, and na-na-na. Not much ma-ma-ma yet. He likes to clap and give high-fives (except they’re kind of low-fives). He raises his arms when you say “yay!” and is such a good little dancer—bobbing, bouncing, swaying….and all to the beat! Bryce and I watch in amazement. Silas would be happy to be carried around all day and he likes to cuddle, especially just before bed. He tucks his head in under my chin and I sing and he sucks his thumb. Speaking of his thumb, he sucks it all the time, much more than Justus did at this age.

And speaking of age…..our Silas is one years old now! We had a little celebration with our small group, funfetti cake and ice cream. He enjoyed smashing a piece. We’re trying to soak in every moment of sweetness and enjoy these wonderful stages. Thank you, Jesus, for our Silas Fredric! We love you, Si-Man!

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