Saturday, February 28, 2015

on loving feisty three-year-olds

Last week, a little girl joined us for a few days; her mom needed some help. This is the beautiful ministry of Safe Families for Children--The Body of Christ providing support where there is seemingly none.

"A" was feisty yet loveable. Crazy curly hair. The cutest little dimples when she smiled. She called Bryce, "Daddy" and would yell it excitedly every time he came home from work. (I wonder: has she ever called a man "Daddy" before?)

Lest you think it's all rainbows and glitter, she could throw a pretty good tantrum, didn't like to sleep at night, and JD did not appreciate her playing with his toys (i.e. lots of screaming fights between two 3-year-olds, so I wore a referee shirt and whistle all week).

It's all Jesus. Helping me to respond gently and calmly when I put her in timeout for the third time in an hour...or the same for JD. Helping me to hold her close and sing a lullaby at 3am when she's already woken me up three times that night.

Funny, but I kind of miss her. Which just reminds me to pray for her, her siblings, her in my city. The least of these are so close to home. Lord, help me to be more aware and to be more willing to serve, to love, to care.

Is this not why the gospel is such good news for the broken? Jesus redefined the nature of greatness, which has always rung hollow for the least and the last. He took its connotations away from power and possessions and bestowed it on the humility of a servant. The more you defer? The more grateful you are to be broken and poured out? The more you choose servant over Benefactor? The greater you are.  ~ Jen Hatmaker

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