Sunday, April 19, 2015

Silas at 16.5 months

Silas Fredric has progressed in leaps and bounds since my last post. And I almost mean that literally; he is bounding around the house these days. Started walking at 13.5 months (was a pretty fast little crawling man up until then) . . . and he just took off. Now he almost runs after Justus and it's all I can do to keep up with him after church. He's probably off chasing a ball somewhere.

"Ball" was one of his first words, along with "dad," "uh-oh," "hi," "bird" and "doggie." He also says "JD" really well and an occasional "all done." I'm still waiting for "mama" to make an official appearance, although I think he's copied JD in saying it a few times. My favorite is when I walk in his room after nap time and he says, "Hi!" as clear as can be and so happy.

Speaking of happy, this little man is just happy all of the time. Perpetual smile. Such a good disposition. What a joy. Except that right now he's working on about 5-6 teeth, so there have been a few more tears and whines. Around 1 year old, he got 4 teeth and just now is working on some more...thank goodness, he sure had trouble chewing apples.

Silas does really well with the few signs that we taught him: all done, more, please, and thank you.  It sure helps cut down on the whining and pointing at meal time. Also, just last week, he started complaining when I was feeding him, so I handed him the bowl and spoon and he proceeded to feed himself the entire meal! Well, that's a nice development--way to go, Si-Man!

I still call him "Si-Man" quite often, but Bryce has moved on to "Silo" and JD followed suit. I hear "SILO!" all over the house now. Lately, JD tries to make Silas look at him while he's talking, but that doesn't work so well: Silas just tunes him out, I think. :-)

He still takes two naps a day, usually. The first one from 9:30-11ish and then 1:30-4ish. And he still sucks his thumb, actually both thumbs. We have an ambidextrous thumb sucker....that will be fun when we need to help him stop. Silas still has the curly hair! And it's getting so long. But now that we're playing outside more, it's all sweaty under his hat. Time for a summer cut! Speaking of outside--this little man loves it. He would swing and carry balls around all day, and cries when we bring him in. He'll point to the door and say, "bye bye" and wave....meaning he wants to go bye-bye. I have a feeling I'll be outside a lot with two boys this summer!

Oh we love you. Your cuteness. Your delightful smile. The way you back up and sit on my lap when we're reading books on the floor. The way you snuggle in when we're singing songs before bed. The way you get the kitchen washcloth to clean up the chair after you spill milk. Your excitement when you see birds or dogs or school buses outside. You're such fun!

(They were sitting together so nicely until I grabbed the camera.)

On the fire engine!

Playing with tractors at Great Papa's house.

He and the dog have a love/hate relationship: Silas loves the dog, and I'm not sure how the dog feels about Silas...