Monday, September 28, 2015


Last year I studied Moses and the Pentateuch in Bible Study Fellowship, so I didn't start reading through the Bible in January like I usually do.
Summer was approaching with no particular study plans.
With encouragement from my mother, I decided to read through the Bible in 90 days for the first time.

What?! 90 days!? The entire Bible? During the busyness of summer?

What if I told you that it's doable in 30 minutes a day?
And it will absolutely change the way you view the Bible as a whole?

I loved it!
Reading the Bible in one sweep lets you see the grand plan and cohesiveness of the Bible in a whole new light. Don't plan to stop and study (at least, not too much, I couldn't help myself sometimes)--but just read it like you would a novel, straight through, appreciating the flow of the story.

30 minutes a day.
The same time commitment to watch a show on Netflix. Or Hulu.
Or a good Facebook scroll (work that finger).
Or a stroll around Instagramz world.

Just think about it:
God's Word. Scripture. The Holy Book. The Bible. There is no more worthy goal or determination than to give your time and effort to read. this. book.

So what do I say to you? JUST DO IT already.
Here's a plan for you.
Start on October 1 and you'll be done by the New Year (with 4 grace days built in).

I hesitate to make such sweeping claims, but dare I say that when you're finished: the Bible won't seem so intimidating (I can read it in only 90 days!) and God will be so much grander in your eyes (look at what He has done! this story is amazing!) and it will be clear that Jesus is absolutely the main thread of history and what is to come (from Genesis to's all about Jesus....and you'll see this better when you read it all together in one sweep).
It's well worth the commitment.

(And let me know if you do! I will be your cheerleading section, and we can talk about how amazing it is after you're done.)

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