Friday, September 18, 2015

sept '15 // JD 3 yrs // SF 21 mo

Silas // 21 months

This little man is a bit of a goofball + stinker. Sometimes he'll do something stinker-ish with a complete deadpan look and a twinkle in his eye. That's when Bryce and I say to each other: he just might be a handful. An adorable handful. He chatters all the time, some of which is understandable. Everything is said in a sing-song manner and sometimes his laugh sounds like, "he-he-he-he." He'll yell, " 'nack! 'nack!" while standing in front of the fridge or pantry. (A few times he's gotten impatient and just started pulling food out.)  He says "No" for every answer, usually when it should be "yes," and he calls all round fruits "blueberries." It goes without saying that he loves to copy whatever his brother says or does, too.

It's been a fun summer with Silas. He runs everywhere. Loves to swing. Loves to push the mower around the backyard. Adventuresome and a bit of a dare devil at the park. Plays very intently with cars or trains when he's inside. He'll find a favorite toy(s) and then play with the same ones for 2-3 days straight--including sound effects. I love it when Silas tries to carry 3-7 cars at a time and has to tuck a couple under his arm. He loves to look through books, especially our big farm book, where every animal is a "moo."  Silas still takes two naps a day. They're shorter now but he likes his sleep. Likes the blue crochet blanket when he sleeps and sucks his thumb whenever the blanket is in sight.

Justus // 3 years

Shy and a bit stand-offish in public (it takes him awhile to warm up)--Justus talks constantly at home, with hundreds of questions a day. His favorite question: "What are we going to do [right now/today/later/tonight/tomorrow]?" Or "Why [fill in the blank]?" (to which we very often respond: that's not a why question). JD is very helpful around the house: taking his dishes to the sink after we eat, feeding the dog, cleaning up toys, running to get things for me. His current favorite song at bedtime is "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" (Michael Card).... but it changes every couple of weeks. He loves riding his new bike and going to the park and just recently learned how to swim "by himself" with floaties.

Sometimes the things JD remembers and the connections he makes just amaze me. We were driving around last week and he started saying that we were near my parents' church--but we were an hour away from it. Finally, I realized that he saw a water tower--there is a water tower beside my parents' church and therefore he thought we must be by their church! Justus remembers directions and locations really well--it's pretty amazing. Everything that happened before today is "last night." He's slowly learning numbers and letters--I think there's probably more retained in that brain than we realize. His favorite silly/made-up word is "Tu-ca-pie" and it's used randomly in all sorts of situations.

Cousins on the Eberly side.
Fun conversations with Justus:

While talking about stars when we were driving at night:
Can we get the stars, Daddy, and hold them in our hand?

How does the moon move, Daddy?
Gravitational pull.
What pull?

When we were driving into a cloud in the mountains:
Why are you driving into the sky, Daddy?

When he was trying to learn how to whistle:
I don't have a whistle in my mouth, Daddy.

When we were driving to a party for Bryce's friend, David:
Will Goliath be there?

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