Wednesday, December 16, 2015


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Christmas at the Parsonage--2015 Rendition

For those of you who like picture posts--here's your Christmas present! A little taste of Christmas in our home. Nothing super fancy and just some phone pics--but it's so much fun to decorate! Every year I try to add a little something and it's fun to mix-and-match what we already have. 
Without further ado.... 

When you walk into the living room....put garland + lights over the window this year.

The nativity scene that I found at a consignment shop last year takes center stage.
Real life.

Real flowers here and there always add to the ambiance.
New this year: our Advent calendar!
While I was taking photos, this was going on.
Fake tree. And the ornaments are all messed up (thank you, Silas).
But we sure enjoy it! (sorry, wonky garland!!)

Oh, hi JD!

Card display! One of my favorite parts of December--receiving all of the Christmas cards.
More flowers, and Hershey kisses are always good.
My "angel tree"--all of my breakable angel ornaments.

Thanks for coming along on the tour!

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