Monday, December 14, 2015


Our Silas is two years old! We can hardly imagine a time when he wasn't bouncing around our home and laughing. Such joy and spunk he brings!

Some thoughts . . . in the form of an acrostic for Silas Fredric. 

S - Singing and talking, there is so much verbal happening these days! When Justus yells for Silas across the house, you'll usually heard a responding "Yeah?" He is the resident toilet flusher (who comes running when anyone is going to the bathroom) and yells "Bubbles!" He likes to say "Welcome" (short for "you're welcome") and will usually roll it into whatever response he's making, for example "Thank-you-welcome." Silas knows songs pretty well but usually just sings the last line of a phrase; although, this past week I overheard him singing "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Jingle Bells." The song "Deep and Wide" is his favorite song to sing before bed.

I - lIkes to give hugs, especially to JD. Silas will just lean in with a big bear hug. (And JD, who doesn't like much touching, is not always very happy about it.) Sometimes Silas will come running at me and just wrap his arms around my knees as hard as he can--favorite!

L - Laugh--oh our Silas loves to laugh. Sometimes it's just a fake laugh--which he will even do for strangers if they laugh back at him. He leans toward you with a big grin; we're convinced he thinks/knows he's hilarious.

A - All the details: Down to one nap a day. Sometimes he takes a morning one if he's extra tired, but it's usually just an afternoon nap, about 2 hours long. Wears a size 2T. Seems like a little boy now, no more baby. He's lengthening out and not so chubby in the face.

S - Sneaky about getting into things--oh my! All of my little bins and boxes for things in the dining room and living room are free game for him. And the bathroom. And our bedroom. If Silas is quiet, then I know that I need to go looking for him!

F - Fun with Playdoh! It's his new favorite activity. Very focused and interested. He pulled the Playdoh into little pieces, put them in a cup, dumped the cup, started over... Other favorite toys: cars, any sort of little cup or container, legos.....usually he decides on a favorite toy for the day and then sticks with it.

R - Runs everywhere and bounces when he runs. So much excitement and joy in life. He likes to scream on occasion, just for fun, when he's excited (which usually makes JD cry--he's not a fan of loud noises).

E - a children's Encyclopedia book is his favorite, which he calls "Big Book." He does pretty well recognizing the different pictures and naming some things. Silas tends to be hard on books but I'm so glad that he likes them. He especially loves to crawl into Bryce's lap with a book.

D - Daddy! When Bryce is at work and Silas hears the dog bark, he says "Daddy!" (hoping that Bryce is home). Silas usually talks with his mouth open, so it's sometimes hard to understand. JD is the best interpreter. Lately, Silas has been putting together little phrases and sentences. "Hold you, Mama/Daddy" is something we like to hear.

R - Really loves his JD (pronounced something like "dee-dee"). Lately I've realized that Silas doesn't know what to do with himself when Justus is gone. Usually Justus runs errands with Bryce when Silas is napping, so it's rare that they are separated. The few times it has happened, Silas wanders around, asking for JD. For the most part, they play together pretty well. Makes Bryce and I so happy with how much they enjoy being together.

I - nIcknames: Si-Lo, Si-Man, Si-Lo Free. It changes a lot. I didn't know that we would be a nickname family but I think we are.

C - Cereal, one of his favorite foods--along with oatmeal, yogurt, bananas, olives...and the list goes on. He's a good eater, but can tend to be slow, especially at dinner time. Breakfast on the other hand--he scarfs it down! Sometimes Silas will hold the last bite from dinner in his mouth long after he's already down from the table and running around. He knows to take his dishes over from the table and toss them into the sink (since he can't quite reach it) and likes to "help" load the spoons and unload the bowls.

Silas Fredric.
Our sweet boy.
We sure love you.

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