Tuesday, January 12, 2016


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These were pretty yummy (and healthy!)...a nice spin on the Saturday morning staple.

If you haven't already made a list of resolutions for the new year, I highly recommend this little piece of paper to get started. It helps you to reevaluate the past year and make a list of dreams for the year to come.

Can't get this blog post out of my head.
"Does God really only love white middle class women who live in upscale homes and have etsy business and are stay at home moms who have disposable income to spend on $90.00 hoodies and $50.00 necklaces and Hawaiian vacations?"

If Adults Acted Like Toddlers
If you have/had/know any toddlers and need a giggle...

This was already posted to my Facebook page, but it is just so good that I had to share again. (Also, another shameless plug for the book You and Me ForeverLife. Changer.)

Date Night In-the-comfort-of-your-own-living-room
Bryce and I made our own special evening on NYE, following the suggestions in this post....and I think we'll make it a more regular occurrence  (Imagine: nachos, unique cheeses & crackers, wine, pajamas, Scrabble and Clue in front of the fire....)

And.....funny story.
One day the younger two were napping and JD said, "Where's the dog, Mom?" I was sure Parson was just sleeping somewhere, but we called & whistled and couldn't find him. All of the sudden, I knew where he was:

This is a screen shot from the monitor camera in D's room. Parson must have followed me in when I put D down for a nap, got shut in accidentally, and then decided to take a nap himself. JD and I laughed and laughed. And then let the dog out.