Wednesday, May 11, 2016

#Lifewith5 -- BY THE NUMBERS

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Here's a new series about life with 5 kids (who are all currently under the age of 5....won't be able to say that much longer so might as well throw it out there while I can). 

I've been collecting a little list of random numbers from a typical day/week with our clan.

10 eggs scrambled for breakfast
12-15 diapers per day (one of the two-year-olds is almost potty trained so this number has gone down a bit, praise the Lord)
2, 64oz tubs of plain yogurt, eaten in about 1.5 weeks
4 booster seats at the table

3 sweeps of the dining room floor per day
100 tiny nails to trim
7 loads of laundry if it's a catch-up day
10 bottles of hair product for the girls
12 bins & baskets for toy organization

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