Tuesday, August 23, 2016


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It is hard and (related) I wasn't exactly made for it

There's this odd tension between believing that I was created with special gifting to do what He calls me to do versus simply accepting that He, the Creator and Almighty God, is able to empower me (super gifted or not!) to do whatever it is He asks me to do. I didn't grow up with aspirations to be a foster mom. If you would have talked to me eight years ago, it wouldn't even have been on my radar. And yet, here I am, an ordinary woman, wholeheartedly living this crazy life--by the Spirit's power and enabling.

How many people do we read about in the Bible who were nothing "special" and yet God amazingly equipped them for exactly the task He called them to do? I can think of David, Paul, Peter, Moses, and Jonah, to name a few. And isn't this when God gets the most glory? When we live out of His strength and not our own.

Thank You that You are not looking for ideal people with imposing lists of human qualifications, but that You use people whom the world calls foolish and weak, poor and insignificant. . . . Thank You that I, a common earthenware jug, contain the priceless treasure of Your life and glory, and so my every victory and accomplishment obviously comes from Your all-prevailing power, 
and not from me. Ruth Myers

So, please don't be tempted to think: "oh, she's just made for that" or "I could never do what you do." Those kind of perspectives don't exactly apply when the Spirit of God is involved in a human life. When we are weak and incapable and scared on our own, then He is faithful to show up strong and effective and courageous! When we are weak, He is strong (2 Cor. 12:10)!

Could it be possible we have it wrong? Maybe success isn't in believing I can do anything but in knowing I can do nothing. My limits--those things I wish were different about myself--are perhaps not holding me back but are pointing me forward to pay attention to my small, eight-foot assignment. It seems to me when I finally recognize my inability is when Christ shows up as able within me. But he doesn't equip me to do every job possible, he equips me to do the job meant for me. Emily P. Freeman "Simply Tuesday" (visit her blog here)

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