Thursday, September 29, 2016


I probably should be doing important things, like packing and organizing, but instead I'm over here reminiscing and being all sentimental about our wonderful home of 6.5 years. This morning I remembered three prayers I've prayed for this home over the years. So, here they are, along with a little tour via the listing pictures, so we can remember this wonderful Parsonage.

The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever. My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest. (Isaiah 32:17)

The LORD is exalted, for He dwells on high; He will fill Zion with justice and righteousness. He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the LORD is the key to this treasure. 
(Isaiah 33:5-6)

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. (Proverbs 24:3-4)

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