Friday, November 11, 2016


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Week 2 // October 17-23

The kids and I went up to Fort Wayne for the week to stay with my parents. That way Bryce could focus on working on the house--and that he did, from sun up to sun down, literally.

Rainbow over the house.
When they were working on the garage roof, they found decaying wood (thanks to an incorrectly fixed roof leak) in the beams/joists of the garage roof and the corner of the house by the master bedroom/kitchen/laundry room. Bryce spent most of the week tearing off siding, building three support walls inside (one on each level), and replacing the rotten wood. 

This is where it started: all of that wood is not supposed to be black
Support wall in the master bedroom
The cut out in the corner of the master bedroom
That doesn't look too good!
Rotten parts are cut out
Looking better!

In the process, the sliding door from the kitchen eat-in area to the deck had to be replaced, which we knew would need to be done eventually. It made such a difference! (I don't have a picture of the new will come in future posts.)

The old sliding door is gone and all of the decaying wood is replaced.
The laundry room got torn apart since the plumbing for the washer was never run correctly. Also, some of the 2x4s in the outside wall will need to be replaced eventually as well. 

Our kitchen had a lovely wrought iron spiral staircase down to the basement. From the beginning we knew it had to go! There is an actual staircase just a few steps away in the front hallway and the spiral stairs used up precious real estate in the kitchen. Bryce took out the stairs and filled in the hole.

He also killed an unwanted house guest: a snake. Yes, a snake. We think it was living in the basement. Oh the joys of moving into an unoccupied house. There's one big plus in all of this: there were no mice in the house! Also, another plus: no other snakes have been sighted.

Blurry picture of our intruder guest
I painted our master bed while at my parents' house. My one small contribution. Well, that and watching all of the children. 

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