Monday, November 14, 2016


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WEEK 3 // October 24-30

More work on the roof and they were finally able to finish it up! (A big thank you to my dad, Bruce, for all of his help on the roof!)

Bryce opened up the doorway from the kitchen eat-in to the library, for better flow between the rooms and more light in the library. This meant taking out the built-in desk and cabinet above it, but makes room for a slightly bigger pantry.

Opened doorway! Bryce is holding the board where the wall used to be.

One evening I cleaned the kids bathroom. And also worked on deciding paint colors for the walls downstairs and upstairs.

So many paint swatches!

I line up all of the possibilities and start narrowing it down.
Lovely contact paper in the kid's bathroom closet.
All of the sinks and toilets have rust/iron stains--but this is the before.
And here's the after--much better!

On Sunday afternoon a small group from our church came to help for the afternoon. We were blown away by and so grateful for all they were able to get done! (Probably about 1-2 weeks of man-hours for Bryce and I.) Over the three hours they tore out the carpet on the main floor, tore out the linoleum and tile behind the oven in the kitchen, moved the oven out, primed the trim upstairs, picked up all of the shingles in the back of the house, cleared brush around the driveway and mulched wood in the front yard. Such a blessing!

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