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WEEK 4 // October 31 - November 6

Justus has spent quite a bit of time playing at the house while Bryce is working (one less kid does wonders for the mama). This day he was down in the "ravine" behind the house, having a great time on an "adventure."

Not many pictures of this, but I kept slowly chipping away at painting the trim upstairs. Four bedrooms + a hallway + 2 bathrooms + 5 closets is a lot of window, floor and doorway trim! This week (with the help of dear friends Chris and Kerri) we finished priming all of the trim, as well as the bathroom vanities. 

Vanity before. They were pretty gross.

Thank goodness for primer!
I also worked on painting our bedside tables back at Tom & Wendy's house--the same color as the bed frame that I painted at my parents' house. Finally, Wendy spent a couple of afternoons cleaning and vacuuming cobwebs--that made such a big difference!

A rainbow Bryce saw one day while working.

 Bryce's main job for the week was installing new soffits. He also had someone come out to give a quote on new gutters and leaf guards.

All ready to go! Lots of up-and-down-the-ladder work.

New soffits!

During the evening work hours, Bryce finished putting in the new beam in between the library and kitchen (since it's a load bearing wall), and framed out the new pantry. It's about a foot wider than the old one--I'm excited about the extra space.

Support walls are up for putting in a new beam.

Framed out pantry.

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