Tuesday, November 22, 2016


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WEEK 5 // November 7 - 13

Have I mentioned before that I've been painting lots of trim? I spent an evening and an afternoon painting at the house--starting on the bright white trim paint. I love white trim; it makes such a big difference. Although, now the white walls look pretty dingy and the hallway looks yellow...ready to get some new paint up there.

Bryce finished up all of the soffits and put up cedar trim where the garage roof meets the house (thanks for the help, Jesse!). He also took out the old counter flashing on the chimney, ground out the old mortar and installed new counter flashing.  (Yes, Bryce is dictating this to me--I have no idea what I'm writing right now.)

We opened up the wall between the laundry room and the kitchen about a foot. It will make entering and exiting via the garage much easier--no more traffic jam in between the doorways. You can see where the old wall came to by the 2x4 that is still on the floor in the second picture. Bryce raised the doorway about 8 inches. (Thanks to Justin and Ian for also jumping in to help this week.)

Torn out all the way to the ceiling (you can see the 2x4 on the floor)

New opening framed and electrical moved

The other major happening this week: we tore down the wall between library/den and the entry hallway. Our original idea was to make an opening to match the living room to entry opening. But Bryce decided we needed to just tear the whole thing down, making the flow better and eliminating a tight hallway. I wasn't on board at first but getting there. The name for the room probably needs to change--it's more like a Great Room now!

Before (looking from the library towards the entry, that's the pocket door on the left

During demo

AFTER! Can you believe it?!

For perspective, here's a good before and during from the same vantage point:

Other items Bryce accomplished: worked on the electrical in the pantry, started tearing apart the laundry room and repaired part of the deck that he took apart when working on the outside walls and sliding door.

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