Sunday, November 27, 2016


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WEEK 6 // November 14 - 20

Taking advantage of the last week of very nice weather (especially for November in Indiana!), Bryce finished up the flashing on the chimney and ran the electrical for outside security lights. He also spent a couple of days removing the old insulation on the ductwork in the attic and then putting on all new insulation.

Bryce gutted the kitchen and laundry room. (Thanks to Justin for helping!) We're down to the studs, everybody! This wasn't in the original plan (whatever that was) but necessary at this point. There was some mold in the base cabinets in the kitchen, leaking pipes in the ceiling from the second story bathrooms, rotting studs in the laundry room, plumbing run incorrectly...and the list goes on. But there was a bonus in all of this mess: Bryce found and fixed the electrical issue for the basement! What he thought was going to be a complete new install turned out to be an easily-fixed chewed-through wire in the wall behind the half bath--and we have lights in the basement now!

A gutted kitchen. I'm pretty sure this is the part where it looks significantly worse before it gets better.

Fixed wiring to the basement!

Bryce and Tom also widened and raised the doorway between the dining room and kitchen. Before it was a normal-sized doorway with louvered doors on the dining room side. We took off the doors (which we're going to re-purpose for the pantry) and opened the doorway to counter depth and raised it to the ceiling so that the ceiling will run continuously from the kitchen to the dining room. I love it! The flow between the rooms will be so much better now and the dining room won't feel cut off from the kitchen.

Doorway before

And after! That's going to make such a big difference.

Don't mind the mess in the dining room!

There also was a raised part of the subfloor where one joist was sitting higher than the rest, so they cut out the subfloor with the plan to make that joist flush with the rest.

We called for them to take away a very full dumpster at the end of the week. We might need to get another with all of the unexpected gutting that's happening around this Tree House.

For my part, I've been trying to scope out deals on supplies. So far I've rounded up these second-hand items (with the help of my friend Chris, who is helping me keep an eye on Facebook sale groups): a reverse osmosis, steel door for between the house and garage, a gas double oven, stackable washer and dryer, and a toilet for the half bath. I've also been trying to get our well water tested through the Marion County health department. The office where I need to pick up and drop off the tests is a 25 minute drive downtown. Between unexpected state holidays and my forgetting to take a personal check every time, it's getting comical (and cry-inducing) how many times I've driven down there to no avail! Very frustrating at this point. I still have two tests (of the four) to complete and take downtown and I will be very relieved when that project is done (or "done-zo" as the children say).

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  1. FYI - The Marion County Public Health Department makes house calls (in Marion County) for people who want a well water test. Someone with the well/septic program will come out and collect the water and bring it back for testing. 317-221-2266