Tuesday, December 27, 2016


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WEEK 10 // December 12 - 18

Barn wood! Bryce and his brother Grant tore off barn wood for a wall in the kitchen.

Bryce spent most of this week hanging up drywall. A gentleman came to give an estimate for the finishing part of the project but he wasn't able to start until the next week.

Drywall is hung in the library/great room
New drywall on the dining room ceiling

Kitchen drywall done and ready for finishing!
For perspective: here's the same view just a few weeks ago!

The fireplace insert is not usable and the chimney needs some work (the same project Bryce did at our last house a year ago!). So Bryce took out the insert and cleaned out the firebox in preparation for a new one. Can't wait to sit in our home with a fire in the wood-burning stove!


What a mess behind it!

Insert is gone and the firebox cleaned out

I started painting the vanity in the kids room using leftover exterior blue paint from our last house. It will be a fun pop of color in a room that desperately needs refinished. Might as well make it fun in the meantime! Also continued to paint trim--forgot that I needed to paint the stairway trim. And painted more coats on the kids bathroom shelves and linen closet shelves. 

Painting trim in the stairway.

We tried a bunch of different greens for the master bedroom--7 of them, to be exact. We have never painted a room such a saturated color--it's hard to match the one you picture in your head with a swatch and then a sample! Since I already bought two gallons of "Billiard Room" green (see below: the one on the trim and the top left sample spot), we're going to try that for the first coat and see if we want to adjust for the second coat. It's growing on us so we just might stick with it.

SNOW! First big snow at the new house. The kids and I visited Bryce while he was working at the house, and the van got stuck on the driveway. Proof it did indeed need new tires (don't worry, we got them later that afternoon and no getting stuck since). The kids weren't dressed for playing but we let them run around for a little bit. It was beautiful!

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