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WEEK 11 / December 19-25

This week was a bit interrupted by Christmas shenanigans but we still managed to get some work done. The drywall finishing began! He estimated it to be a 10-day job.

The drywall in the kids bathroom is done....ready for paint!
Kitchen is taped and ready to go

Another view of the kitchen

Laundry room

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening I painted after the kids went to bed until late, still working on the vanities, vanity doors & drawers, closet shelves, spackling and sanding, taking off outlet covers, cutting in the master green paint, etc. 

Painting the kids bathroom closet shelves--primer + paint, multiple coats on each side.

Make-shift painting stations in the bedrooms

The ceiling is all cut in

Spackle spots still needed to be sanded--they must have had a massive valance over the window.

Bryce assembled the kitchen cabinets in the basement since there is drywall stuff happening pretty much everywhere upstairs. The first one took awhile (yay for directions from China) but they came together more smoothly after that and only took another day or so to finish.

Clay and Tom helped a couple of times that week, and Ian was there another night. They worked on cabinets, put together the "box" for the laundry room plumbing, and gutted the half bath. Blogger fail: I didn't get a good "before" picture of the half bath. Just imagine an avocado green toilet with a "wood grain" seat, an avocado green sink on a small, beat-up vanity with a tile top, a mirror that had fallen off the wall, and a 70's light and linoleum. Oh yes, it was sight to behold. 

A little glimpse of the half bath

Dry fit of the new toilet and pedestal sink

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