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Week 7 // November 21-27

It's the project that just keeps going. Here we are at Thanksgiving week! Bryce had Thanksgiving Day off, so we had a little extra time together as a family. 

Bryce's usual schedule on his days not working at the fire station: head to the house before 7am and work all day. He comes back for dinner, plays with the kids for a bit, helps me put them down, and then goes back to the house for a couple of hours. Sometimes I go with him to paint in the evenings. This week on Tuesday and Wednesday night we went to the house together and worked late--I kept on painting that trim!

Bryce finished gutting the laundry room and put in a new window. The outside wall in the laundry room was rotted out in parts, so it needed new studs, sill plate and siding.

Yes, that's a hole in the wall and that's our laundry room.

New siding and new window! And there's the new sliding door too.

He kept working on the plumbing and electrical in the basement, kitchen and laundry. They shaved down the joist in the kitchen that was little higher, and also framed out the new spot for the fridge. Friends David, Jeff, Justin, Chris and Tom helped us out this week! And Wendy is such a wonderful help with the kids so we can work in the evenings and I also am able to run errands during the day.

Plumbing supplies!

New plumbing in the basement

New plumbing for the tubs--reached via the kitchen ceiling (another good reason they gutted it)

Water lines to outside faucet, kitchen sink and dishwasher

Bryce and I kept hashing through kitchen design plans. One day he was working at the station and we drew pictures and texted them back and forth to each other. Since we took the cabinets out and don't have to work with that parameter (our initial plan was just to paint the cabinets), our options were opened up. We have a tight time frame and plans keep changing, so we're pretty much designing as we go!

My very rough drawing

Bryce's drawing...sneak peak of the kitchen design!

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