Monday, December 5, 2016


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WEEK 8 // NOVEMBER 28 - December 4

More work on very important behind-the-scenes jobs! Bryce continued the electrical and plumbing. He put in all new plumbing for the kitchen, laundry room, bathtubs (accessed via the gutted kitchen ceiling), in the basement for outside spigots, etc. He ran the gas line for our new oven (thanks, Ian, for coming to help!) and also did all of the electrical for the kitchen, laundry room and library. He started to create the "box" to house all of the washer and sink plumbing in the laundry room. Not many pictures of this fun stuff...

Vent for the range hood.
The vent from outside.

Drywall and durock cement board for under the tile was delivered on Friday! He put insulation in the outside walls of the kitchen and laundry room and that night Bryce and two friends started hanging drywall. Thanks Paul and Nathan! He rented a lift and we have a ceiling and half of a wall in our kitchen now!

I found a pedestal sink and light for the half bath (thanks to my friend, Danielle, who has been watching the deals on second-hand Facebook groups for me). It's a small space so I'm grateful we found a sink that will work for a good price. Slowly but surely we're collecting all of the supplies we need to put back together the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.

Painting Party Time! Mostly Wendy, some from Bryce and Tom, and friends Mary and Rachel pitched in to help watch the children so I could focus on painting for two days. Between Friday and Saturday I painted for 11+ hours with help from 7 friends so I was only alone for about an hour of that time (thank you Rachel, Angie, Chris, Abby, Kerri, Liz and Danielle!!!). It felt so good to give the painting a chunk of time. We are now officially finished with the white trim in the upstairs, all of the closets are cut in and ready for rolling, the kids bathroom is ready for rolling, the bedrooms and hallway are ready to be painted (ceiling and walls), and the master bath/closets need one more coat of cutting-in. I'm starting to get excited about finishing the painting upstairs so that I can start unpacking and get rid of the piles of boxes and stuff everywhere.

The Jack-n-Jill closet--doesn't the bright white look amazing!?

I think the closets have never been repainted--even the ceilings are going to look renewed with white paint.

Jack-n-Jill closet again--ready for white paint.

Cutting in the master closets.

Started in on the fun color for the master bedroom--but stay tuned....the color is changing already....

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