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WEEK 9 // December 5 - 11

Bryce drove to Louisville to pick up our new kitchen cabinets. Wow--it feels like a splurge to even write that. I can't believe we have new cabinets coming. They're unassembled, in boxes in the living room right now. Bryce also drove to pick up a microwave and vintage doors that I found on Craigslist. Guess he was running around a lot this week! Oh, I also completed the final two water tests and took them downtown.

Bryce completed the dryer vent and plumbing in the laundry room. 

You can see the plumbing for the washer on the far wall and the utility sink under the window. Also there's the "box" Bryce built to hold all of the new pipes.

Here's the laundry room with new drywall and the dryer vent ready for the stacked dryer.

The kitchen design changed a little bit so they built out the pantry to give us a little more storage and move it in line with the fridge.

Here's the framing for the fridge cubby. Right here you can see through to the old hallway/library...
And here's the opposite view with the drywall in place! The hallway is now closed off.

Here's a view of the kitchen with the pantry framed + drywall and also drywall in the rest of the kitchen.

Most of the week Bryce worked so hard on all of the drywall: kitchen, eat-in, laundry room, library/great room, kids bathroom ceiling, and dining room ceiling. Whew. Someone is coming next week to finish the drywall for us.

Another view of the kitchen, this is looking from the dining room toward the laundry room.

Here's the spot in the kids bathroom that had a leak from the old roof.

Ta-da! New drywall ready for finishing.

The boys and I met Bryce at Lowes before dinner one day. We made a decision on tile for the kitchen/eat-in/laundry/half bath and placed an order. Yay! We also ordered the freezerless refrigerator, set to arrive in early January. Bryce also needed more 2x4's, of course.

The new gutters arrived! They are bright white, which currently looks a little off, but it will work with our eventual color scheme, once the siding, trim and shutters are painted, garage door is replaced, and the windows are replaced. 
Wendy, my mother-in-law, spent Saturday afternoon painting for us, while Tom, my father-in-law, was working with Bryce. She finished up the white paint cutting-in, so now all of the closets and bathrooms are ready for rolling! She also completed most of the master bedroom green paint cutting in. I just haven't been able to get over there and paint very much, so that was greatly encouraging to me. What have I been working on? Oh you know. Just folding massive piles of laundry, among other things.

A new friend from church, who is an interior designer, helped us layout plans for the kitchen. And she is also helping me visualize plans for the fireplace wall in the library. (Or great room? I don't know what to call that room!) Thanks to are a few of our ideas. We'll probably land somewhere in between the two. Thank you, Beth, for making it come to life and helping to ease my decision-making!

The listing picture

1st round of changes: white cabinets with green accent, darker mantle with no corbels, full hearth.

2nd round of changes: teal accent, white mantle, darker hearth.

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