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WEEK 12 // December 26 - January 1

We call them our Painting Elves...and what a blessing they are. Tom, Wendy, Mema, and Clay have been a painting whirlwind in the upstairs. After discovering that my hope of paying to have the upstairs painted fell through, they came to our rescue! By the end of the week, most of the upstairs walls had been painted in some fashion, ceilings were mostly done, all closets/bathrooms had one coat, one bedroom room was completed and all other rooms had one coat. What a difference paint makes! I also spent three evenings working late to finish painting the vanities and shelves.

Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams in 3 bedrooms upstairs

Sneak peek of the green in the master bedroom!

So hard at work they're a blur!

Love seeing our driveway filled with cars

Our drywall finishing guy continued to work on finishing all of the drywall. He completed the upstairs first so that they could do the painting. It is methodical, tedious work and he's doing an excellent job. It's so nice to bring in a professional for this project (this is the second time Bryce has called in someone to help--the other time being for the gutters install).
Corner of the master bedroom--BEFORE

Corner of the master bedroom--AFTER

Laundry room is done and ready for paint!

Kitchen is done and ready for paint! Also, new window! And Grandma's molasses cookie.

Bryce redid the plumbing (and therefore drywall) in the half bath to put the sink and toilet in a better spot in the room. Otherwise the sink would have been squished against the wall right when you walk in and too close to the doorway. Also, he put down cement backer board and tiled the floor. It was a fun moment to see our tile choice actually on the floor. The same tile will be in the kitchen, eat-in area and laundry room.

New plumbing for the sink

New drywall and cement backer board

The tile is in!

Bryce surprised me! He found laminate flooring on a super-sale and got enough to put down in the bathrooms upstairs since the linoleum is horrendous. We'll call this "phase one" will hold us over visually until we can completely redo the bathrooms properly. Yay!

Had to use a different color to finish out the closet

You can also see the freshly painted white walls here.

Let's refresh our memory of the old floor with this photo. Oh my--so much better! Can't wait to get the doors and drawers on the vanity, new light fixture, new shower curtain, and wrap up this room!


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