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WEEK 13 // January 2 - 8

The drywall finisher was done with his work by Monday evening. Bryce got things cleaned up over the next day or two. Ready to jump into the next phase of the project! Bryce spent an entire day priming all of the drywall, walls and ceilings. He also painted the ceiling in the kitchen and dining room. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes to have a freshly painted ceiling. Same for the upstairs--such a big difference!

(I know it's hard to visualize the layout from the choppy photos. Hopefully I'll have a blueprint-of-sorts of the house soon so that you can better "picture" what angle the photos are showing.)

Kitchen primed and ready to go. (standing in the eat-in looking toward the dining room)

(standing in the Great Room, bathroom on the right, eat-in through the doorway on the left)

Odds and ends: The fridge was delivered and it's currently sitting in the living room--but it's a beauty! Bryce picked up the rest of the tile. And also picked up the kitchen window. On a warm-ish day (for January) he power washed the barn wood and set it up in the basement to dry. He also worked to organize the garage a little bit and hung up the old kitchen cabinets for tool storage, etc.

I spent three evenings painting at the house. (Three late evenings in a row is about all I can do. I'm about ready to cry and/or collapse after that and need a break--such a wimp.) The master bedroom needed one more cut-in. And I also helped to paint the kitchen. On Wednesday I picked up 6 samples of colors for the kitchen, painted them on the walls Wednesday evening (see them with Bryce in the photo above), met Beth (interior design friend) during the day on Thursday to look at the colors in the daylight and make a decision, picked up the paint on Thursday evening on the way to the house, and cut-in the kitchen with Chris that night. Bryce rolled it on Friday. Sometimes you just gotta make a quick decision and go with it! And we really like it!

More green!

We had wonderful help this week. Thank you to Chris, Mema, Clay, Tom, Jordan and Bruce. And as always, thank you to Wendy for her help with the kid-wrangling, dinner-making, etc.

Bryce installed the new window in the kitchen. We had to custom order to keep the same size of window and I'm so glad we did! Bryce also worked a long day on Friday to install all of the cabinets.

Cabinets in!

And the other wall with the new window (this wall is a different color since it's getting covered up).

Saturday was a super productive day! Bryce had help from the four men mentioned above and together they accomplished a lot. Tom picked up our new sink (which I tracked down that morning from a plumbing supply store downtown since we wanted a more modern design and big box stores don't carry them in stock) and my dad, Bruce, grouted the half bath

The guys installed the under-cabinet lighting in one section, installed the sink and the vent hood, and (the main job) prepared all of the forms for pouring concrete counters. They were able to pour one of the counter sections, the small one between the oven and the sliding door. Bryce worked late into the night to finish that part. It's a big project!

The counter form is going in and notice the under cabinet lighting!

Mixing, mixing

It's a messy process!

Oven vent hood and a poured counter

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