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WEEK 14 // January 9 - 15

Three and half months into this project. We keep getting questions like: When were you hoping to be in the house? (A month ago. But it was always up in the air depending on the scope of hidden issues.) Did you know that it would take this long? (Does anyone who takes on a project like this know how long it will actually end up taking? I'm guessing not.) When do you hope to move in? (Soon! Soon! Soon!) We hope to be in by the end of January, but there's not a specific move-in date yet. We've reached the big push to make our home into a livable space, and then we'll finish it out slowly, probably over the next 3-4 years--ha! (...but really....that's probably true....).

Bryce continued to work on the laundry room. He busted out the peel-and-stick tile floor and then tiled and grouted. Justus was able to hang out with him one afternoon and helped with the spacers.

Old tile coming up (a Sawzall with a scraper blade and lots of elbow grease)


Done and ready for grout.

We changed our mind on some of the cabinet placement, so Bryce moved around cabinets on the fridge/pantry wall. This made room for a cutting board cubby and a spot for a wine rack eventually. He also installed the microwave. One appliance down, 3 more to go!

Cutting board cubby

Bryce did some more drywall touch-up and moved the light fixture in the half bath so it will be centered over the sink. He also started to install a whole-house water treatment system (eliminating the need for reverse osmosis and a water softener)--we hope this will be a good solution since we have well water and lots of iron staining.

I spent the day painting on Saturday, joined by four wonderful ladies: Chris, Liz, Lori and Kerri. Thanks so much for your help and company. We rolled a second coat of white in the kids bath + 6 closets, cut in the upstairs hallway, cut in and rolled the kitchen again, cut in and rolled the 4th bedroom, rolled the master bedroom again, and started cutting in the laundry room. Productive day! The upstairs is almost done! (No pictures...shucks. I always get too focused and busy working.)

Bryce had help from Tom & Jim Hurst on Sunday afternoon and they poured the rest of the countertops. He ordered a few more supplies after the first counter pour a week ago, so we were waiting on those. To make the process a little easier (since they fried a drill on the first go-around), we borrowed a portable cement mixer. It feels like really good progress to have the countertops poured and ready for sanding/sealing.

What? You don't mix concrete in your foyer?

Hard at work! It's definitely a job for multiple hands.

What a mess! This is why we did the countertops before the tile floor.

2nd counter done!

3rd counter done!

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