Sunday, January 22, 2017


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WEEK 15 // January 16 - 22 

This week we had many just continuing projects. Bryce continued to work on the water system (the fittings are giving him fits). He also replaced some drywall near the floor of the laundry room and I primed it today, so it's now ready for painting. (Fun color, here we come!) Bryce built a cabinet above the washer/dryer nook in the laundry room and it is ready for paint as well.

Here's the cabinet. (Started cutting in but changing the color...stay tuned!)

Continuing work on the kitchen counters--Bryce snapped off the forms (we used products from Z Counterform--found here) and then sanded the counters. They're coming along! Time to seal now.

Continuing the painting! Oh the painting just goes on and on. In the last four days, I've been over at the house about 15 hours. Thank you to Wendy for keeping an eye on the kids, and also thank you to Rachel, Danielle and Mema for blessing us with some help!

Behold the power of bright white trim paint. Also, the new gray is cut in!

My painting buddy on Friday.
And my painting friend on Saturday--Mema!

Fun color in the coat closet because why not?

Bryce picked up the dishwasher which I found second-hand but it's brand new (seen in the photo above). He also installed track lighting in the kitchen. On Saturday, he and my dad, Bruce, spent most of the day prepping the kitchen floor for tile: installing the backer board and patching the seams. They had another helper: our wonderful Miss S. 


They also installed the wood burning stove. Ready for step-by-step photos?

This is the monster that was in there before.

And the new one! The surround is being shipped to us.

I snapped this photo on the way out of the house this afternoon . . . it's the view walking in from the garage to the kitchen. Someday soon it will be finished and we will be able to walk in to stay.

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