Monday, February 27, 2017


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Here we are: POST MOVE IN ....... or alternate title: FIRST WEEK IN THE TREE HOUSE.

First, let me start by clearing up any confusion--our wonderful Tree House is now livable and safe for the children (for the most part), but it is most definitely not finished (probably will take us a couple of years to get to that point). However, we are thrilled with the progress and so grateful for all of the help along the way.

Second, we must say:
Thank you to all of you who have so wonderfully followed along on our journey to make the Tree House into a home. Thank you for your encouragement and help and interest and cheering-on from near and afar. You have helped to make this journey fun and exciting and, most importantly, doable. We appreciate you all!

 During this first week in the house, we kept busy!
  • Set up a bookcase in the eat-in area to use as an interim pantry
  • Worked to clean out and organize the garage (Bryce is still working on this one...)
  • Frosted the front side-light windows
  • Started unpacking a little bit
  • Installed a utility sink in the laundry room
  • Hung curtains in the kids rooms and the fireplace room
  • Finished touching-up paint on the cabinets and installed the microwave
  • Called to get the second dumpster taken away
  • Installed a new light in the dining room (since the old one kept dropping shards of glass on my head)
  • Finished the kitchen backsplash (the pieces around the rest of the counters) and sealed them 
We also spent lots of time outside enjoying the unseasonably-warm February weather.

Let's end this Phase 1 of the Tree House Reno with photos of current life on the main level of the house. It's real life around here--messy and busy and unfinished.  Here's a picture of the current state of the spare bedroom. And since the master bedroom has no closets (Bryce needs to build shelving and hang rods), there's stuff everywhere. And the kids rooms are currently just explosions of toys and clothes since I haven't got everything situated yet.  Therefore: no other pictures of the upstairs for now.

The spare bedroom (i.e. random box storage)

Entry, Living Room

Dining Room

Kitchen, Eat-in


(still project messes? oh yes indeed)

Laundry Room 

Using shelves in random places until storage systems are built

Half Bath

Fireplace Room 

Boxes. And lots of kids everywhere. That's a good note to end on.

We're very much in the midst of a Project, but so happy to be in our home together! Thanks for joining us on this journey! (If you have specific questions about anything, we're always happy to chat. And we love giving tours--hint, hint! ;-)

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