Saturday, February 4, 2017


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Week 16 // January 23 - 29

Lovely sunshine coming in the front window. And a cute little boy.

This was the first of two weeks that Bryce had off of work--to try and give a big push on the house projects. Lots was accomplished, thanks to my hard-working husband. But for every project wrapped up, we seem to find a couple more items that need to be done in order to move in.

There was some more septic work that needed to be done. Yay. (Boo.) We're praying the fix Bryce did--cutting out a pipe and putting in a new one--is sufficient and we don't need to do more (expensive) work in the field at some point.

Bryce continued to work on the counters, this time using a wet sander. Truly the counters are the project that never ends. He wasn't sure where to go from that point with the counters, so decided to work on the tile in the kitchen. By the end of Saturday night, we had a tiled and grouted floor in the kitchen! Bryce tiled over a couple of days, with Ian's help one night. On Saturday my dad started the grout process but Bryce and I ended up jumping in to help. The kitchen plus eat-in is a large area to grout! 

Waiting for the tile/mortar to set--we couldn't walk through the kitchen for 24 hours

I sealed the grout in the half bath and laundry room. And I also spray-painted the HVAC vents and return grates.

The half bath had the biggest transformation this week. Dare I say it--one space is almost finished! I painted the top half of the wall the kitchen green. Wendy painted the ceiling. Bryce installed the light fixture and fan grate. Bryce and my dad installed the beadboard and trim. I painted the beadboard white. And then they were able to install the toilet and sink.


My dad came for the weekend (thanks, Padre!) and helped to finish a bunch of different projects: took out the moldy caulk in the kids shower, hung 5 new light fixtures upstairs, and painted the two story spot in the stairwell.

I painted, and painted some more. The laundry room is also coming together. Are you ready for some crazy color? In this house of neutrals and earthy tones, I decided it was time for a pop for cheery color and the laundry room seems to be the most-needed spot for that. Chris helped me start to cut in the coral ("Ravishing Coral" by Sherwin Williams) and by the end of the weekend they installed the washer and dryer. Lots more to do in this room (white cabinets and shelving, trim, utility sink, counter, shoe storage, etc.) but it's usable now!


We really are getting somewhere, friends! 
Only a couple more posts and we should finally be able to live in our house!

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