Monday, February 6, 2017


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Week 17 // January 30 - February 5

We're just The Little Engine That Could over here....and by "we," I mostly mean Bryce. His hard work and dedication to this project are just remarkable to me--thank you, thank you! This week he continued to work on the counters--using a mixture he ordered to fill in a few holes. Concrete counters are meant to have lots of character, right? Good! That's what I thought too. I love them. Mostly, I can't wait to start using them!

Bryce also worked a little more on the whole-house water filtration system. One of the filters wasn't working right so the company sent a new one. And he also got the hot water heater working too. Yay!--now I can wash paint brushes in warm water.

Enjoying cookies from Grandma Eberly (a must for replenishing energy while working at the house)

He sealed the grout in the kitchen. And on Friday he was able to deliver the fridge and microwave that were left in the house plus our old washer and dryer to a Safe Families mom who just got a new house and had no appliances. Love it when we can do that! Also, yay for cleaning stuff out of the house...we can actually see the floor in some of the rooms now! (Side plug for Safe Families!--if you ever need to get rid of large furniture items or appliances, we can usually find a mom who needs them.) 

I painted the living room. Don't you just love a good before and after of the yellow-ish tan that was there before and the Sherwin Williams "Repose Gray" after.

And I'm afraid that's all I was able to get done during the whole week (thanks to a weird flu/eye infection). Bryce covered for me with the kids quite a bit, so he wasn't able to accomplish as much as we hoped during his second week off. But during a few late nights he still was able to start installing the subfloor and laminate floor in the fireplace room and entryway. Tom helped out on Saturday, laying subfloor in the living room, while Wendy painted the second coat of gray in the hallway/stairway. Our faithful helpers!

We bought the laminate floor back in September, before we even moved into the house! Such a surreal moment to finally see it in place. 

Looking toward the entryway with new subfloor--BEFORE

Looking toward the entryway--AFTER

Could the next post be a "we've moved in!" post?! 
Just maybe . . . possibly . . . hopefully! Stay tuned . . .

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