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It's time for an update on these crazy-wonderful kiddos of ours!

     He usually starts talking in the morning around 7:30 or 8am. I send JD up to "help" him get out of his crib (but he doesn't really need help--he can climb in and out by himself). He walks down the stairs by himself. If Bryce and I are still sitting on the couch, he says, "Good morning dad, good morning mom" and then walks to the dining room table and climbs up to his chair for breakfast. :-) It's the most adorable thing! 
     The older kids crack up when he says "mummy!" for "yummy."  Oh how he loves them. Loves to ask about them and call for them and follow them around. He also has started to "tell" on them: one day he came in from the deck and told me very seriously, "Silas hit [Miss A]." Lots of words from this one! The other day he was standing in the kitchen asking me for something very insistently, and it took me a bit to realize he was asking for a "lemon drop" that I keep in a glass jar (because he hears JD asking for one quite often). If I was to give him a piece of candy he would start hopping around on two feet--it makes him so happy!
      Lately he has been learning colors, and without us directly teaching them. Already he can pick out blue, green, yellow, orange and pink without prompting. Because of the game "Sequence" that the older kids like to play, he can pick out the tiger and lion cards (and growl loudly!). He likes to jump off our fabric ottomans--always jumping and climbing and exploring. Such a trooper when we're out and about, but I guess child #5 needs to be! My favorite is when he grabs onto my legs and says, "Got you, mom!"

Miss A
     This little girl loves to dress up and play pretend and carry her baby around. She and Silas could play together like that for hours! She wears a green dress-up Frozen dress and he wears a blue cape..and they both carry around little bags. Oh they are cute--best pals. She also likes to play games with the older two and put together puzzles, and she does pretty well too!
     Most days she still has a rest time after lunch, but lately I've been giving her books to read and she doesn't always fall asleep. Bedtimes are a little easier if she doesn't get a long nap, but the rest time (+ break for the mama) is nice.
     A couple of weeks ago I took her to get her hair done at an ethnic salon. The lady spent three hours washing, combing and twisting her hair. Miss A sat like a champ! (Lots of snacks and books and tablet time.) She does this for me every week, so I wasn't worried about her being able to sit for an appointment, but the ladies there were so impressed with a 3-year-old! They said she puts the 12-year-olds who come in to shame. 
     She loves for me to paint her nails--"paint nails" she calls them. And something funny I've noticed, she is a pretty hilarious backseat driver. She tells me when something is in the road, makes sure I'm watching out for other cars, and gasps if she thinks I stopped too fast. This one is the only one of the five who consistently calls me "mama" her adorable little voice.

     Another one potty-trained! A few weeks after we moved into our new home, we decided to tackle it and about three days later he was done. Feels so good to only have one in diapers now!! He says "I got one!" after he poops...he always makes me laugh in the bathroom. My favorite was when we were potty training him--it was a warm-ish February/March and so he would follow Bryce around outside at the new house with a winter jacket on, rain boots, and little shorts underwear. 
     Silas is cuddly with me often but he is Bryce's little pal. Loves to ride around on Bryce's shoulders and follows daddy around on his days at home. They are so cute together. Bryce taught him to ride a bike like a big boy a few months ago...yay for a balance bike: it just took one day. Just 3-years-old and he's now cruising around our driveway. Silas has a bit of a lisp (which I forget about.....I just love the way he talks). Cute examples: very = bury, sticky = skicky. 
     No more naps for this little guy. He still could use one technically but he just doesn't go to sleep at night when he does. We still keep an early bedtime of 7pm for all of the kids, so it's worth it to have no naps and send them all to bed at 7! At nighttime, it is very important for Silas to give Bryce and I proper hugs and kisses: kiss right cheek, big squeeze, kiss left cheek, another big squeeze.

Justus (JD)
     Our thoughtful, fun little man. I feel like he's growing up so much these days. Always thinking, processing. And we love to see glimpses of his sense of humor. It's so cute when he cracks himself up...many times Bryce and I genuinely laugh at something he says, and he was meaning to be funny!
     He has a good brain for memorizing. He and Bryce play this game where one of them hums a song and the other has to guess it. JD usually can name the song within a couple of bars. The other kids like to join in too, but it's a little more comical when they do it (Miss A's hums always come out sounding like "Jesus Loves Me.") Bryce has also been working consistently with the kids at dinner time to memorize 12 verses that the church kids program highlights. JD memorized all 12 a couple of weeks ago (verses and references), so he got a special ice cream outing with dad (and a Silas tag-along; he also quoted all 12 with minimal prompting).  Another game we like to play at dinner time is "I Spy." JD gets the gist of the game, but with the others we're still working on teaching them to decide on the object before everyone starts guessing!
     Justus loves all things super hero or star wars (which is hilarious because he's never watched anything for either of those). We got him a light saber a while ago....because he has literally been talking about one for a year. There are strict no-hitting-siblings rules, but he loves to put his batman cape on and have imaginary battles. 

Miss S
     While her sister loves to "play house," this one loves to be crafty or play a memory game or ride her bike or make a paper/glue/scissors creation or build with legos. Lately she and JD have been pals with most of these things--it's fun to watch them when they're actually getting along! They love to make things with paper and tape (requires a lot of patience from this clutter-clearing mama with all of the paper scraps and "special" creations to save). She and JD took swim lessons back in April and they are getting more and more confident in the water. We've been trying to take them all to the pool at least once a week this summer. It's quite the feat just to put sunscreen on them all!
     I love to hear Miss S "read" aloud to her sister. If it's a book I've already read to them, then she usually does a really good job remembering what I read and telling it in her own words. I've been taking the kids to the library every 3 weeks. The older four have to pick out the number of books that match their age before they can play on the computers. It helps us to read more throughout the week when we have new books to get through. They all sit so well for reading time! (D-man not always quietly, but he's getting better.)
     A few months ago Bryce and I instituted a chore chart for the older 4 kids, with the 5-year-olds being responsible for a quite a bit more than the 3-year-olds. It has helped organize our morning schedule. The charts are connected to a small allowance, and the older two have enjoyed watching their saved money add up. JD wants to buy a transformer with his savings and Miss S wants to buy a costume.

Fun events/activities of the last few months:
* Bible Study Fellowship with all five kids in classes
* swim lessons for JD and Miss S
* celebrated D-man's 2nd birthday
* lots of playground, hiking and pool outings this summer
* Eberly family reunion in Fort Wayne for a week
* visit to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo
* Aunt Kristin and Noah's wedding (which they were all in!)
* Wendy/Mimi's family reunion
* Indians baseball game for Bryce's birthday
* 4th of July parade in Lebanon

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