Monday, July 10, 2017


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We are moms. So by definition, we are those who wait.

Waiting for a positive pregnancy test.
Waiting for that due date to finally arrive.
Waiting for the sleepless nights to end.
Waiting to receive the overseas adoption court order.
Waiting to find out that you can finally fly to get your child.
Waiting to get them all out of diapers.
Waiting for the day when they can do their own laundry.
Waiting for the day when God will heal them.
Waiting to get a call about a foster placement.
Waiting to get a call that a bio mom picked your family.
Waiting for summer to come (yay! school's out!).
Waiting for summer to end (yay! school's back in session!).
Waiting for them to turn to Jesus with their whole hearts.

My current place:
Waiting to know whether they will be ours forever, or not.

W a i t i n g.

“The Future is, of all things, the thing least like eternity. It is the most temporal part of time--for the Past is frozen and no longer flows, and the Present is all lit up with eternal rays.”
― C.S. LewisThe Screwtape Letters

We will wait; it is our lot as mothers. Therefore, the question must be: How does one continue to live well in the waiting? How do I honor Jesus when the Present is painful or the Future weighs on my heart?

W a i t i n g.

Three do-nots come to mind:
Do not be afraid. (2 Kings 6:16)
Do not worry. (Matthew 6:25)
Do not be anxious. (Philippians 4:6)

All of those are exactly where my heart wants to be--afraid, worried and anxious. Some days, a heavy dread pulls at my soul, making me wander aimlessly around the house, hopeless and discontent. But Jesus says, "Do not!" He is calling me to Himself in the waiting. The Present ("lit up with eternal rays"!) is where I am and exactly where He is with me. Therefore, I wait with hope.

Last week He gave me a prayer for the waiting.

O Lord, out of the depths I cry to You.
Please, hear my voice. Thank You for hearing me.
I am crying out for mercy--
      mercy for my heart,
      mercy for the children,
      mercy for our family.
You, O Lord, are holy and the Great Forgiver, 
      therefore I stand in awe of You.
I wait for You.
Please help my soul in the waiting.
In Your Word I choose to hope--
      Your promises,
      Your faithfulness
      Your love.
With You is unfailing love and Full Redemption.
You Yourself will redeem.
In the morning, I know that You will come.
(paraphrase of Psalm 130)

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