Saturday, August 12, 2017


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We've been in our Tree House for 6+ months now! Looking back over what we've been able to accomplish, it's definitely not as much as the first four months where Bryce worked full-time on the house. I guess maybe the projects aren't as big and the results aren't as visually-major. But we've still been "chipping away" at it, while also letting the budget play catch-up. :-)

New front steps (still need to be stained and sealed)

Here's a quick recap of projects completed along with some pictures!

Living areas & upstairs:
  • Painted the bookshelves and stained the mantle (photos of this project here)
  • Hung curtains in the guest room and living room
  • Organized the kids' rooms
  • Cleaned out the spare bedroom to make usable for guests
  • Unpacked all of the boxes (except for a few in the master bedroom since we don't have closets built yet....and a few left in the basement, which is still a horrible mess)
  • Started installing trim in the downstairs--about halfway done installing and only about a quarter of it is painted so far
  • Added transitions between the tile and laminate floors

The entryway in March vs now (notice the new floor/doorway trim and the new light fixture).

Decor misc:
  • Slowly added new lighting to the hallway, kitchen, dining room, laundry, and library--nine lights total (two were spray-paint projects, one Bryce built, one I found second-hand and Bryce retrofitted, two were given to us, and three we bought--here's more about the lights!)
  • Found a rug for the library
  • Arranged the living room (with a new-to-us gifted couch!)
  • Started to hang a few pictures on the walls

Living room is slowly starting to come together. 
And so happy to have our "bench" photos on the wall finally!

Kitchen & bathrooms:
  • Built, stained, sealed and hung shelves in the kitchen, and added under-cabinet lighting
  • Added cabinet hardware
  • Finished the pantry: built shelves, primed/painted, and hung a door (blog post to come!)
  • Built and painted (matching the cabinets) a frame around the fridge to make it look built-in
  • Installed a new water heater
  • Added towel bars and toilet paper holders to all of the bathrooms, and hung a mirror in the half-bath

Pantry straight ahead with antique door (not yet refinished). 
You can also see the built-in fridge and black cabinet hardware.

  • Built a frame for the deck swing
  • Built a front step
  • Got a trampoline for the kids (and Bryce)
  • More septic work completed and it's been holding up fine so far--thank goodness
  • Cleared a lot of brush and trees--an actual yard is slowly starting to emerge
  • Started cleaning out the pole barn
  • Installed an electric fence for Parson
  • Installed a new mailbox and post
  • Installed a solar-powered attic fan to help keep the upstairs cooler

Front yard torn up for a new septic pump.

New lights in the hallway, over the desk area, and over the table (this is looking from the entry way, half bath on the right, eat in area and deck sliding doors through to the left)

Deer sighted out the dining room window.

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  1. Amazing work you guys! Your home is beautiful and I can't believe how much you have accomplished in such a short amount of time!

    1. Thanks, T! Sometimes (i.e. most of the time) it doesn't feel like much but the recaps help us remember all the little things that have been accomplished. :-)

  2. Looking great! All the little things add up!

    1. They sure do! It's easy to forget....but it's definitely true.