Welcome to grantedgrace.
A place for graceful conversations and reflections.
A place to ponder the grace Jesus has freely given us
and therefore the grace-filled living that can overflow.

My name is Jana Alexis and I am a 30-something stay at home mom.
Serving my 5 children (2 bio and 3 currently-foster-but-hopefully-adopted-soon).
Serving alongside my husband of 7 years, Bryce.
Serving with Safe Families for Children and the foster care system.
Serving our local church family and also our neighbors.

Tidbits about me: I love ballet & modern dance, reading, cooking in the kitchen, laughing with Bryce, decoration & design, music, coffee, organizing, big cities, winter and 
white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

We purchased a fixer upper house in the fall of 2016. Excited about the journey to make it our home--a beautiful refuge for children, a place for hospitality & continued service.

Come, join the conversation.